Monster Jam – The Drivers Are Just As Important As the Trucks

Monster Jam brings people of all ages together for an exhilarating viewing experience: big trucks tearing up stadium floors with fiberglass bodies shredding off, axles breaking, and sometimes even sparks flying off them!

Monster Jam’s truck culture is part of what keeps Feld Motor Sports growing and will help reach new fans through international expansion and adopting electric technology.


Monster Jam drivers are an integral component of its show, each possessing their own distinct style, personality and charisma that adds extra excitement for spectators. Some drivers even become celebrities in their own right!

Jim Koelher and Avenger have been an iconic pair since 1999. Fans have become fast fans, as this fan favorite and multiple World Finals champion consistently showcases both technical expertise and flair at Monster Jam events.

Ryan Anderson has been driving Son-uva Digger since 2011 and boasts an illustrious career in Monster Jam. As the son of Monster Jam Hall-of-Famer Dennis Anderson, Ryan has won four World Finals championships during that time.


Monster trucks are massive machines with distinctive designs and appearances. Each monster truck boasts its own distinct character. Constructed to protect drivers at all times, many feature specially-made roll cages. Monster trucks run on methanol fuel engines capable of producing 1,500 horsepower.

Monster Jam’s lineup of trucks includes several iconic names like Grave Digger, Max-D and El Toro Loco that stand out in terms of distinctive features that set them apart from one another – some even bearing themes based on popular characters!

Some trucks feature weapons and firearms, but due to safety concerns they are rarely used during events. Gunslinger was renamed Slinger after its use of guns was brought up during an event; Metal Mulisha and Soldier Fortune have had their firearms removed as well – this censorship has not gone over well with fans as some see it as disrespect for the sport.


Stadium and arena spectators are treated to an unforgettable show as Monster Jam drivers push their 12,000-pound trucks to the limit in freestyle, two-wheel skills, donuts and racing competitions. These world-class male and female athletes possessing both physical strength and mental stamina have perfected these machines resulting in breathtaking action that amazes audiences at every event.

Truck designs continue to change as drivers discover ways to dazzle audiences with thrilling performances and add risky elements into their performances. While basic trucks are designed for long-term durability, certain components may require replacement from time to time.

Monster Jam meets fan demands by working towards environmentally friendly initiatives such as transitioning towards electric vehicles in time. While this transition will take place gradually, it is part of Monster Jam’s long-term plan.


Monster Jam trucks and drivers go through extensive training to ensure spectator safety. Attend safety briefings and undergo thorough safety inspections prior to every show, while an ignition interruption feature operated by show staff allows a truck to shut off in an emergency situation.

Monster Jam remains an enjoyable event for children and adults of all ages, even those who may find its content terrifying. Many events take place away from dirt tracks; visitors can observe trucks up close at Pit Parties or during freestyle competitions on the ground level.

Bring binoculars and wear comfortable shoes for the best viewing experience at the Pit Party, which can get quite busy at times. Also plan on arriving early to secure yourself a good seat; also expect that shows may last an extended amount of time; drivers often sign autographs and wave to fans after each performance as part of their fan service experience; plus audience voting with smartphones will determine who wins!