Brady’s Bunch: Tom Brady and His Legal Team File for En Banc Rehearing

By Keith Allison (originally posted to Flickr as 836) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Deflategate might become synonymous with fighting for the “fundamental rights of American workers,” according to an ESPN article stating that Ted Olson, who leads Tom Brady’s legal team, is filing for an en banc rehearing of his four-game suspension. That means that all the judges of the 2nd Circuit Court are requested to rehear the case together. Whether or not it will happen remains to be seen, but Lester Munson, Legal Analyst writing for ESPN, speculates that Brady and his bunch of lawyers and scholars have a bigger goal in mind—the Supreme Court.

Deflategate in the Supreme Court

Why the speculation that Brady might be trying to stand before the highest court in the United States? One reason may be that Olson has garnered several amicus briefs—think of them like letters from a friend in one’s defense. According to Munson, this is common in the Supreme Court but not in lower courts. The argument, according to Olson, is not really about the suspension anymore. Focus has shifted to labor arbitration, and this is another reason Munson speculates that this case is headed for the Supreme Court.

2016 NFL and Tom Brady

Perhaps the 2nd Circuit Court will rehear the case. Perhaps enough of them (four of eight) will decide to rule in Brady’s favor. If this happens, Brady might get to play for the entirety of the 2016 NFL season. Olson is arguing that Goodell made some errors, which include destroying Brady’s cell phone in the course of the Deflategate investigation.

If the 2nd Circuit Court elects not to rehear the case, or if they rehear it and do not overturn the previous ruling, we might in fact see Tom Brady marching his team of lawyers, scholars, professors, and engineers up the steps of the Supreme Court.

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