Monster Jam – A Family Fun Event

Monster Jam can provide families with a fun family outing in arenas while enjoying large-can beer and sticky blue and pink cotton candy treats – and, with any luck, seeing Grave Digger do a backflip or two!

Monster Jam offers family entertainment like no other sport can. World-class driver athletes drive iconic trucks that smash cars while competing in various disciplines of competition like racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle.


Monster Jam drivers navigate powerful trucks in Freestyle and Racing competitions, equipped with safety features such as roll cages and seats that conform to each driver. Each truck also includes a remote ignition interrupter that will shut off its engine if an event causes someone to be thrown from their seat – devices designed to protect drivers at all times.

Drivers for Monster Jam(r) are selected through talent scouting and trained at “Monster Jam University,” where they receive instruction on vehicle operation, competition strategy, public relations and public speaking skills. In order to be competitive in this job, drivers require high fitness levels as well as strong motivation.

Monster Jam Pit Parties provide fans with the perfect opportunity to meet drivers and their massive trucks up close, as well as take pictures and get autographs. Held an hour before event start times, these family-friendly activities allow visitors to get up close with them for autographs and take photographs.


Monster Jam arenas are designed to showcase exciting competitions of racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle featuring powerful trucks competing to win their event championship and qualify for World Finals. Monster Jam events are held across North America in stadiums and arenas of every size and shape.

Drivers are world-class male and female athletes trained in controlling 12,000-pound machines capable of backflips and vertical two-wheel skills at speeds up to 70 mph. Drivers must also possess the agility necessary to think on their feet quickly while performing breathtaking stunts in front of thousands of fans.

Monster Jam 2019 kicks off January 26 at Newark’s Prudential Center with fans seeing Grave Digger, Megalodon, El Toro Loco, Scooby-Doo, Captain’s Curse Earth Shaker Velociraptor among others! Additionally, Saturday and Sunday provide fans an opportunity to meet drivers, crew members, get autographs from them all, as well as experience Pit Party night!

Freestyle competitions

Monster Jam events feature a wide array of entertainment elements, such as racing and freestyle competitions between Monster trucks. Drivers trained as world-class athletes possess both physical strength and mental stamina necessary for controlling these 12,000-pound machines, and event organizers design unique track elements at each venue.

Freestyle contestants have two minutes to perform a combination of jumps and tricks during a freestyle contest, such as driving over ramps or junked cars and performing stunts such as wheelies or nose wheelies. An audience scores each run; the driver with the highest score wins the freestyle competition.

Dennis Anderson, designer of the Grave Digger monster truck, pioneered this idea for freestyle competition at Monster Jam shows. Since its conception, 22 freestyle events have taken place across America since its debut.


Monster Jam truck drivers must wear fireproof suits, helmets and safety harnesses when operating their trucks in competitions. Each of the Monster Jam trucks are also fitted with three kill switches in case of any emergencies; most use either Patrick Enterprises or Carroll Racing Design models for construction.

Drivers can perform various stunts, including car crushing, one-on-one races and freestyle. Each event offers something new for children of all ages to experience; their engine noise may even cause permanent hearing damage if left unmanaged properly.

Feld Motor Sports, the company behind Monster Jam, works closely with each venue on evacuation plans and other safety concerns that may be specific to that location. Toddler ear protection should always be brought along for events to keep noise levels down; additionally it’s advised that regular breaks be taken from sound levels.