Charlotte Day Wilson

Charlotte Day Wilson is a Toronto-born, Juno-nominated singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist best known for her RnB music. With incredible talent that can transform a moment into an experience through deep yet hypnotic songs anthems; Charlotte Day Wilson makes every performance count!

Charlotte’s warm voice brings to mind the jazz phrasings of classic torch singers while her fiery anthems linger long after they are complete. Charlotte is adept at crafting modern lamentations that transcend generations while captivating listeners from different generations.

She quickly rose to fame with the release of 2016 slow-burner “Work,” and since has established herself as an integral piece of the city‘s jazz and R&B fabric through collaborations with artists like Mustafa and BADBADNOTGOOD. Alpha was released to critical acclaim on July 20, 2021.

Alpha reveals Wilson’s impressive talent as she explores a range of genres including understated folk, groovy pop and airy gospel music while delving deeper into themes surrounding queer love. Additionally, there’s a special remix featuring King Princess, Amaarea and Meshell Ndegeocello which adds sexual energy and depth.

Charlotte Day Wilson creates music that bridges melancholy and optimism with lyrics full of powerful messages, such as her breakthrough hit “Work”, where she sings: “I’m here to say I love you but my heart’s still broken/ And I won’t let go”.

Charlotte Day Wilson accomplished more this year than many artists can only dream of: her sultry ballads featured in an Apple commercial; soundscapes paired with major art installations in Toronto; debuting at number 10 on Billboard R&B charts (both U.S. and Canadian); as well as performances on both The Tonight Show and Ellen. In an Instagram post at the end of 2019, she acknowledged it had been an intense year full of change, decisions-making, stress and heartache.

Charlotte has shown great resilience throughout her struggles, becoming an artist to be reckoned with on the music scene and helping others overcome similar difficulties. Leveraging her community for support, Charlotte now uses that wisdom to aid other in navigating similar hurdles as hers. We look forward to watching what the next stage brings for this incredibly special artist.