How much Marshmello, DJ Khaled & Calvin Harris made in 2019

Forbes just put out its annual list of The World’s Top-Earning Musicians.

Sitting pretty at the top is Taylor Swift with a whopping $185 million. Hot off her seventh studio album Lover and a world tour, the songstress is bringing in some serious cash with a new record deal and a swarm of endorsements.

Kanye West follows her up, not so closely behind, with $150 million. He’s been performing here and there, still making waves with his new album JESUS IS KING, and selling tons of Yeezys along the way.

DJ Khaled and Marshmello tie for 29th place at $40 million each, along with The Weeknd. Calvin Harris makes the list at $38.5 million, a 34th place tie with Kendrick Lamar and Zac Brown Band.

These are the musicians stacking the most commas. Read more here via Forbes.

The World’s Top-Earning Musicians 2019

40 | Migos – 2019 EARNINGS: $36 million

39 | U2 – 2019 EARNINGS: $37 million

38 | Celine Dion – 2019 EARNINGS: $37.5 million

37 | Shawn Mendes – 2019 EARNINGS: $38 million

34 (tie) | Zac Brown Band – 2019 EARNINGS: $38.5 million

34 (tie) | Kendrick Lamar – 2019 EARNINGS: $38.5 million

34 (tie) | Calvin Harris – 2019 EARNINGS: $38.5 million

33 | Dave Matthews – 2019 EARNINGS: $39 million

32 | Lady Gaga – 2019 EARNINGS: $39.5 million

29 (tie) | DJ Khaled – 2019 EARNINGS: $40 million

29 (tie) | Marshmello – 2019 EARNINGS: $40 million

29 (tie) | The Weeknd – 2019 EARNINGS: $40 million

28 | Rolling Stones – 2019 EARNINGS: $41 million

27 | Luke Bryan – 2019 EARNINGS: $42.5 million

26 | Jennifer Lopez – 2019 EARNINGS: $43 million

25 | Guns N’ Roses – 2019 EARNINGS: $44 million

24 | The Chainsmokers – 2019 EARNINGS: $46 million

22 (tie) | Ariana Grande – 2019 EARNINGS: $48 million

22 (tie) | Paul McCartney – 2019 EARNINGS: $48 million

21 | Fleetwood Mac – 2019 EARNINGS: $49 million

19 (tie) | Jimmy Buffett – 2019 EARNINGS: $50 million

19 (tie) | Eminem – 2019 EARNINGS: $50 million

18 | Bruno Mars – 2019 EARNINGS: $51 million

17 | Billy Joel – 2019 EARNINGS: $52 million

15 (tie) | BTS – 2019 EARNINGS: $57 million

15 (tie) | Pink – 2019 EARNINGS: $57 million

13 (tie) | Katy Perry – 2019 EARNINGS: $57.5 million

13 (tie) | Justin Timberlake – 2019 EARNINGS: $57.5 million

12 | Travis Scott – 2019 EARNINGS: $58 million

11 | Rihanna – 2019 EARNINGS: $62 million

10 | Metallica – 2019 EARNINGS: $68.5 million

9 | Diddy – 2019 EARNINGS: $70 million

8 | Drake – 2019 EARNINGS: $75 million

6 (tie) | Beyoncé – 2019 EARNINGS: $81 million

6 (tie) | Jay-Z – 2019 EARNINGS: $81 million

5 | Elton John – 2019 EARNINGS: $84 million

4 | The Eagles – 2019 EARNINGS: $100 million

3 | Ed Sheeran – 2019 EARNINGS: $110 million

2 | Kanye West – 2019 EARNINGS: $150 million

1 | Taylor Swift – 2019 EARNINGS: $185 million



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Galantis put tour on hold, cancel all shows

Galantis put tour on hold, cancel all showsGalantis Photo Credit Katharina Naess

Galantis have canceled all their shows in the foreseeable future following one half of this Swedish duo sustained an injury. The electronic act made the statement on Friday, Nov. 1 after Galantis manhood Christian Karlsson’s on-stage injury. Karlsson tore two ligaments through a festival operation at Escape Psycho Circus Korea in October. Galantis has been established to perform shows in Baltimore, Louisville, and Charlotte–most of which have been listed as sacrificed. The excursion is going to be on hold until Karlsson has recovered.

Galantis recently dropped off radiant one-off”Holy Water” along with triple-threat collaboration with Mr. Probz and Dolly Parton,”Faith.” The duo celebrated that the latter track’s one millionth stream on Spotify on Oct. 27. Galantis has commanded a distinct and continuous momentum of releases this past year, spanning pop territory with”Roots” and OneRepublic attribute”Bones” along with joint tracks with other prolific peers such as Yellow Claw on”We Can Get High.”

H/T: DJ Mag

Photo credit: Katharina Naess

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Swedish House Mafia Deletes Instagram Feed Hinting At Something Big

Not long after Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso strangely wiped their own Instagram accounts, their iconic supergroup Swedish House Mafia has followed suit. Meanwhile, the fellow member Axwell’s Instagram account stays active.

Swedish House Mafia previously removed their official Instagram account after the band’s 2018 reunion at Ultra Music Festival, just before they announced a tide of particular shows and festival performances.  Something was being hinted at by the message. Nobody could have expected what Swedish House Mafia had planned.

We could anticipate new music or possibly a full trip.  This may mean nothing in any respect, or several things. However, the odds that this can be a coincidence are unlikely considering the artists are.

Keep ears and your eyes peeled.

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Scientific Study Finds “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex Stops Mosquitos from Having Sex

Researchers concluded that the observations from this analysis may be used to help develop new approaches to stop diseases.

A study recently published in the journal Acta Tropica on mosquito feeding and breeding habits found that the insects are less likely to eat or reproduce when the tune”Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex is playing. The type of mosquito was the Aedes aegypti, also called. 

Researchers noted that it is known that music before detailing the experiment – and more specifically, Skrillex’s breakout singlevibrations – disrupt mating habits. They found that the sound makes it harder for them to receive signals. 

For the experiment, researchers created a”music-on” and”music-off” environment where they studied the Aedes aegypti and came to some conclusions.  

Mosquitos in the surroundings were less likely to reproduce than mosquitos from the atmosphere that is music-off and were less likely to feed on the host that is provided. Researchers believe that these findings may be used to help develop more ways to control Aedes-carried ailments. 

The abstract of the full study can be obtained here

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The Chainsmokers Become Third Group Ever To Have Three Or More Tracks With 1 Billion Plays On Spotify

Anyone trying to refuse The Chainsmokers‘ victory is merely deluding themselves at this point. If there were any doubts,” The Chainsmokers just became the third set ever to have 3 sisters on Spotify with over one million performs, following Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber (all have four).

This accomplishment was just hit by the group as their collaboration with Coldplay, “Something Just Like This,” by their debut album Memories… Do Not Open, passed the one million mark. The two other songs with one billion flows from the group are all “Closer” using Halsey and “Don’t Let Me Down” together with all Daya.

The Chainsmokers simply put a new song with 5SOS called “Who Do You Love” and so are set to embark on a stadium tour later this season.

Photo through

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Watch: The Evolution of the Greatest EDM Artists

It’s natural for artists to go through some changes. But sometimes we forget how dramatically their sounds can evolve! A Facebook page titled “Revealed Family” made a couple videos that show just how far some EDM artists have come in the past five years alone.

You can watch the videos here:

Which artist do you think has changed the most?


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Study reveals EDM and heavy metal fans consume the most drugs and alcohol at shows

Last year, a study which examined social media data to reveal which types of medications were most closely related to that music festivals. The information gleaned wasn’t terribly surprising, such as marijuana being common in Marley Fest or even LSD being most popular in Electric Forest. A new research, however, further examines the link between music and drug culture by revealing which genre attracts the most users. (via Metal Injection) surveyed 976 music festival attendees (not exactly a quorum), along with the outcomes weren’t even necessarily terribly revelatory.  The simple fact that alcohol (a legal medication ) and marijuana (an increasingly authorized medication ) would be the most common substances used at music occasions shouldn’t even stun anybody who’s been to a festival. Nor should the fact that EDM lovers will be the most inclined to be intoxicated at a show; however, the simple fact that heavy metal heads are next on the list might be a tiny surprise.

The report found that 62.2percent of heavy metal lovers got intoxicated in shows, in contrast to 58.7percent of hip listeners, 46.6percent of state lovers, and only 39.8percent of pop concert attendees.  Individuals who favored folk music were more likely to eat drugs (56%) than aspirin (50 percent ), R&B/soul (42.4%), or walnut (40.7%) fans )

most intoxicated live music event genres date surveymost intoxicated live music event genres date survey

” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ />

It’s intriguing to note that heavy metal fans had been only in the upper few consumers by percentage as it came to alcohol, coming in second by 56.2%. (Top honors went to alternative concertgoers with 57.6%, while EDM parties arrived in third with 54.9%)  Less surprising is the fact that 33.3percent of reggae event attendees and 29.6percent of hip-hop lovers smoked weed, which MDMA was much more popular in EDM reveals (25.6%) than either of the other leading few genres (reggae at 4.8percent and indie rock at 3.0%). Possibly least shocking of all is that EDM concertgoers were recorded in the top few users for all drugs (marijuana, alcohol, MDMA, hallucinogens, cocaine, and opioids), except for benzodiazepines.

That really lines up with all the festival study from 2017. In that study, cocaine was most popular with supporters of Tomorrowland and Mad Decent Block Party, while MDMA was common in MDBP and Electric Zoo. Marijuana was, naturally, a popular of Marley lovers and Camp Bisco attendees, while alcohol took more than a significant percentage of Summerfest and Ozzfest users.

most popular live music event genres for alcohol or drug use by substance date survey

41% of metal fans said they consumed drugs or alcohol to reduce social stress, which 40% of rock concertgoers also agreed with. Meanwhile, the EDM users have been divided over raising energy (41%), experimentation (25 percent ), enjoyment enhancement (77 percent ), and linking with all the artist (31 percent ). Folk fans (49%) and indie rock (39 percent ) attendees seemed most pulled only by medication becoming available.

reasons for alcohol and drug use at live music events genres

The researchers figured out what era certain genre lovers were more likely to start taking medication in live music events. Heavy metal and EDM buffs typically got into the stuff till they struck 20, with the length between 20 and 21 being popular staring things for lovers of classic rock, reggae, hip, alternative, folk, and indie rock. Jazz and blues listeners tended to wait till they were between 23 and 24 (I think it is hard to believe it took them that long to try a “jazz smoke ”-RRB-, with classical music attendees becoming the latest bloomers in 25.

average age when first using drugs at live music event by genre

Even though it may not be the most revolutionary (or exhaustive ) research, the survey does provide some fascinating data points when you see it all spelled out. Irrespective of your music genre or medication of choice, nonetheless , it’s important to remember to stay smart and stay safe. Reach out to people like Detox or Harmonium (who provide safe, sober spaces in music events) if you’re experiencing difficulty, and don’t be reluctant to request assistance from onsite medical or safety personnel. Not one of these individuals are going to assist you in trouble; literally their sole job is to help keep you safe, which involves helping you out in case you’re intoxicated.

And keep in mind, you don’t even need to do every one of the medication to have a good time.

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Avicii was the #2 Most-Searched Topic on Google in 2018

Three of the overall most-searched topics were also in the top five loss-related searches.

Google has released their annual Year in Search feature, and deaths accounted for much of 2018’s highest-trending topics. Specifically, Avicii holds the distinction of the #2 most-searched phrase on the search engine over the past year.

Avicii (real name Tim Bergling) passed away in April of this year. The Swedish DJ/producer had discontinued touring back in 2016, and his cause of death is presently suspected to have been suicide. 

Search topics for the “Loss” subcategory overlapped significantly with that of overall searches in the Year in Search 2018. Mac Miller and Stan Lee – who passed away in September and November, respectively – came in at #3 and #4 on the former list. Specific to electronic music artists, Swedish House Mafia boasts the distinction of the most searched topic.

Avicii emerged as one of EDM’s brightest stars after the runaway success of his 2011 hit single, “Levels.” The rigors of tour life took a toll on him, as detailed in a documentary titled Avicii: True Stories that come out on Netflix at the end of the year.

See through the rest of the categories comprising Google’s Year in Search 2018 feature here.



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Maroon 5 struggling to find acts to join them at Super Bowl Halftime show

Some might argue that politics and sports should be separate as church and state, but that’s a reality for the NFL.  The team ’s stance against a player’s right to protest during the National Anthem has been a thorn at their aspect, and yet one which ’s beginning to draw blood since the Super Bowl nears.

According to sources at Page Six, Maroon 5 is now having a hard time finding acts to combine them throughout their forthcoming Halftime show for Super Bowl LIII, that can be set to occur on Sunday, February 3rd at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The band has reached out to more than a functions to combine them to their functionality that was mid-game, only so much, no one ’s game to hit the field, pun intended. As one insider tells the publication, “Nobody wants to be connected with that. ” After all, it is ’t even be for a lack of talent, especially local gift, watching how Atlanta is a mecca for music.

1 such outlet is label and management company Quality Control, who confessed rsquo they &;ve been talking with representatives but declined to discuss. It needs to be noted their top clientele, namely Migos, Lil Yachty, along with Lil Baby, are going to be in the town for the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest on January 31st, that will also contain local personalities Ludacris along with Lil Jon.

Superbowl Tickets are offered at to find the best seats.

Also in the town for shows leading to the Big Game include other blockbuster talents like Cardi B, Post Malone, along with former Super Bowl Halftime show veteran Bruno Mars.

A lot of the radio silence boils down to timing. Reportedly, Mary J. Blige had been approached but had to turn it down due to prior commitments. And there’s the above Cardi B, who featured on Maroon 5’s hit “Girls Like You”. She’s scheduled to look at the Grammy Awards a week afterwards on February 10th, although sources indicate she remains a addition.

André 3000 has also reportedly been approached, as have luminaries like Usher, Lauryn Hill, and Nicki Minaj, that ’s no stranger to the match (see: Madonna’s 2012 Halftime series ).

All this likely explains why Maroon 5 has not yet been officially declared. This ’s hoping for the ring ’s sake, that their call is answered by somebody and stops wasting turning out the lights. Alright, we’ll stop.

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Nicki Minaj is dating a registered sex offender and convicted murderer

Nicki Minaj hasn’t exactly kept the best business the last few months. The Queen rapper recently emerged on Dummy Boy, the newest album from Tekashi 6ix9ine, who’s now confronting 32 years in prison for armed robbery, conspiracy to commit murder, and medication supply. It appears Minaj is dating Kenneth “Zoo” Petty”, a convicted sexual offender and murderer.

Both were spotted cozying up soon after Thanksgiving. Minaj published a pair of Instagram pictures of them hanging out, among which features exactly what fans speculate is a engagement ring. Yesterday, Minaj all but confirmed the dating rumors by posting two pictures.

In accordance with public documents , Petty was detained in 1995 of first-degree attempted rape of a 16-year-old; TMZ notes he employed “a sharp object” during said incident. Petty, who was 16 at the moment, ended up serving four years in prison. In the mid-2000s, Petty was convicted, that the time of first-degree manslaughter. He served a seven-year sentence and was released in 2013.

It’therefore thought the Minaj and father-of-five Petty know each other from Queens, where the “Chun-Li” rapper was raised. In the latest photo of the bunch, Minaj included a caption quoting Adele’& s & “Hello”, and that seems to reference their shared hometown: “Did you ever make it out of that city where nothing ever happens? ”

BET reports that just a week before linking up using Minaj, Petty was seen dating another girl. Back in September, Minaj had been rumored to be involved using Lewis Hamilton, a 33-year-old Brit and Formula One driver.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

minaj kenneth petty dating rapist manslaughter Nicki Minaj is dating a registered sex offender and convicted murderer

Kenneth Petty mugshot

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