Monster Jam – The Ultimate Motorsport Experience

Monster Jam

Monster Jam is an annual live motorsport event held at stadiums and arenas. It showcases monster truck races and freestyle competitions across various tracks. Operated by Feld Entertainment.

Monster Jam may attract a certain demographic of fans – often described as rednecks – but in truth its audience consists of diverse individuals from across all social demographics.


Modern-day Monster Jam features expert drivers and iconic trucks tearing through arenas in competitions of speed and skills. Originating in the 1980s as a trend among modified pickups such as Bigfoot and Grave Digger pickups, today it has grown into an international phenomenon thanks to Feld Entertainment and United States Hot Rod Association.

Trucks compete in racing and freestyle events. Racing involves completing laps around an obstacle-ridden course while freestyle involves performing tricks like jumping and doing flips.

Track construction is an immense endeavor. To meet a two-day event deadline, crews must build tracks overnight using different types of dirt in each city to allow trucks to reach top speeds as quickly as possible.

Drivers typically plan their stunts before each show, but sometimes things don’t always go exactly according to plan. Therefore, drivers need to be flexible enough to improvise on the spot; some drivers even reported having had to perform backflips while still on track!


Monster Jam features several tracks designed to showcase the special abilities of each truck. Monster Jam track designers work closely with the venue to ensure spectators remain safe during this exciting event and experience it fully without distraction. Crowd size can influence which vehicles become most popular.

Monster Jam drivers don’t make their living by driving alone; each goes through an intensive training process to become one. Talent scouts identify potential drivers and teach them driving basics, safety considerations, improving driving abilities, public relations issues and public speaking skills. Furthermore, each driver undergoes further instruction at Monster Jam University- a facility offering realistic tracks and obstacles- as part of this rigorous education.

Monster Jam trucks have been transformed into die-cast toys by various companies, including Mattel. Grave Digger is among the most beloved Monster Jam trucks, followed by Max-D and El Toro Loco. Additionally, Silver Edition trucks were made available as were Team Hot Wheels Firestorm and Zombie Hunter versions.

Freestyle events

While racing events offer spectators an exciting spectacle, freestyle competitions provide drivers an opportunity to show their creativity. Participants in these competitions often perform stunts such as obstacle jumps, backflips, wheelies and donuts in addition to various obstacles like obstacle jumps. Many drivers in these freestyle competitions boast loyal followers that admire them as experts in controlling such powerful machines.

Monster Jam events take place in various venues ranging from open-air stadiums to enclosed arenas, adapting their shows for each location based on factors like space limitations. Monster Jam shows typically last two hours long and include an intermission.

Monster Jam presents an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in all public environments where people congregate. Senior citizens and those with preexisting medical conditions are at increased risk, so guests should assess their own individual risk before attending this event. Earplugs may be available for purchase at most venues.


Monster Jam events host numerous drivers available to perform at these events. Some drivers, like veteran Tom Meents of Maximum Destruction on the USHRA circuit and Monster Jam University. Others, such as Bari Musawwir who has only competed since 2011 but was awarded first ever Young Guns Shootout Winner are veterans like these; others may be relatively newcomers such as Bari Musawwir who has made her mark by winning an event that opened his career up fully.

Pablo Huffaker is an experienced driver, having driven trucks such as Grave Digger, Black Smith, Captain’s Curse and El Toro Loco during his two World Finals freestyle championship wins.

Jim Koelher has become known as “Mr. Excitement” over his 18 years on the Monster Jam circuit since 1997. He created Avenger as a tribute to his late father who raced drag cars. Since its introduction, Jim has competed at every Monster Jam World Finals tournament; winning multiple championship titles along the way.