The Untold Story of Adele – A Compelling Biography

Adele stands out as an unconventional icon: Her looks don’t conform to celebrity ideals, she struggles with pre-show nerves and once even cancelled her US tour due to an unpleasant breakup.

She attended Brit School with Leona Lewis and Jessie J, before signing to XL Recordings where her album 21, released shortly thereafter, set sales records shattering sales charts.


Adele, now 34 years old, still hasn’t taken a break from music yet but plans on studying for a degree when her Vegas residency ends this November.

Adele has taken an ambitious and risky step by hiring Jonathan Dickins as her manager; fame can be unpredictable but Adele sees Jonathan Dickins as her “father figure I never had”.

Her incredible voice and intricate songs have propelled her into becoming one of the 21st century’s biggest-selling recording artists, but this success did not come easily. To ensure she stays on course, she hired an A-team of pipers paid to call out tunes for her. Their efforts have paid off. On Nov 18 at Caesars Palace – having been postponed from January – her show kicked off to rave reviews; 32 more shows will take place throughout 2019, at which venue that can hold 80,000 people!


Adele has achieved critical acclaim and enormous popularity through her soulful vocals, catchy hits, and vulnerable personality – but who is Adele as an individual? This engaging biography offers insight into the challenges which have shaped her journey so far.

Adele attended the BRIT School after she completed comprehensive school, honing her craft alongside Leona Lewis and Amy Winehouse. Later, Adele uploaded demos to MySpace which eventually caught the attention of a London music producer who saw potential in her voice.

Adele’s first two albums 19 and 21 topped charts worldwide. In 2012, she married public school teacher Simon Konecki with whom she has one son named Angelo James. Since then she has made many movie soundtracks and television shows appearances while touring continuously; fans have responded incredibly positively as she endures both professional and personal setbacks with grace and support from both family and fans alike. Adele now resides in Los Angeles with sports agent partner Rich Paul.

Personal life

Adele is the driving force behind her multimillion-pound international brand. As CEO, she takes her business duties very seriously.

She tends to keep a low profile; rarely showing pictures of herself and preferring a more discreet personal life, though she has spoken publicly about the decline of her father and feelings surrounding extensive touring.

She was raised in Tottenham and spent her early years living between Brixton and West Norwood. Her father inspired the release of her debut single ‘Hometown Glory’.

Adele describes herself as a housewife and has purchased various luxury properties both in the UK and across the pond. In 2021 she made Instagram official with sports agent Rich Paul by posting romantic photographs showing them cuddling close. They’ve since purchased multiple properties together including one large residence in California’s Hidden Valley.