Billy Joel & Sting Kick Off One-Night Only Slate of Co-Headlining Shows

On Saturday night in Tampa, two musical legends – Billy Joel and Sting – kicked off an exclusive co-headlining series. Both sets saw Joel and Sting appear during each other’s songs during both sets.

As soon as the vibrant crowd at Raymond James Stadium began singing along to “Every Breath You Take,” something truly extraordinary took place.

Piano Man

Joel sought to deliver more representative works for his audience on Piano Man and was successful in doing just that with this second release.

Piano Man features Joel’s distinctive sound – both intimate and theatrical on tunes like “You’re My Home,” as well as “Captain Jack.”

Big Man on Mulberry Street

Billy Joel will conclude his Madison Square Garden residency this year with several special guests scheduled to make appearances, such as Stevie Nicks in Arlington and Chicago and Rod Stewart co-headlining on two dates in May and later co-headlining as headliners on two other shows.

Joel invited Sting onstage during his Tampa show last month, performing The Bridge track “Big Man on Mulberry Street” and The Police classic “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.” Their performance will air tonight as part of CBS’ two-hour special The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Petco Park on Saturday witnessed an enthusiastic rendition of this timeless tale as its audience sang along to every word at Petco.

After being inspired by a widely reported Rolling Stone piece, Linda’s family filed suit against Disney, successfully receiving co-writing credit on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and an equal share of its revenue streams in return.

Sting kept the energy alive with his own set, opening with The Police’s “Message in a Bottle” before joining Joel for an encore performance of “Big Man on Mulberry Street”. It proved an unforgettable end to an extraordinary evening show.

Message in a Bottle

Dropping a message in a bottle can bring back so many stories, from trusting fate with its destination to finding solace through shared experience. In London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre’s Great Performances production from 2016/17 season, these themes were explored using dance-theater techniques.

Sting has an incredible tenor voice and Joel’s piano playing was impeccable during their joint set. They even dueted together on “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”. Joel is currently performing stadium dates with Stevie Nicks as co-headliner, as well as two additional co-headlining shows this summer.

So Lonely

This track features an effective blend of instrumentals and vocals, which should make it stand out among its competition. Furthermore, its seductive dancefloor-friendly vibe adds another level of quality.

Billy Joel has an exciting lineup this year, including stadium dates with Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart as well as his 150th show at Madison Square Garden. Additionally, he recently shared his ideal roster for a supergroup with Howard Stern; watch their interview below.

Walk on the Moon

Neil Armstrong made history when he set foot on the moon’s surface with his famous phrase “That is one small step for man, one giant leap for humanity.” It marked a monumental event.

But, what has it felt like to step on another planet?

Billy Joel recently told Howard Stern during an interview that he is considering creating his own supergroup. He mentioned Paul McCartney as an ideal partner while Ringo Starr would make for an ideal drummer – as well as Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page being possibilities.

New York State of Mind

Joel recently marked the 100th show of his Madison Square Garden residency by altering one of the verses of New York State of Mind to include a nod to The Post newspaper, something he has been doing throughout his concerts for some time now. Howard Stern asked Joel whether or not he had considered selling his publishing rights for nine-figure payout like Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham had done.

Howard also asked Howard for insight on a possible supergroup featuring Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney that might form.

The Stranger

Joel had released scene-specific albums like 52nd Street, punk-influenced Glass Houses and serious The Nylon Curtain but his most straightforward work was The Stranger, where all his influences could be found without fuss – no gimmicks, no themes; just music.

Sting’s vocal performance gave his songs new life and brought out their freshness, matching Joel’s intensity as he embarked upon his 16-song opening set and providing memorable melodies from The Stranger album.