What is Monster Jam?

Before buying tickets to your first Monster Jam event, try setting aside any preconceived notions you might have. Don’t expect camo-clad rednecks stomping around on junked cars! Instead, this show promises exciting racing action on an impressive variety of track surfaces and cars from across the world.

These events focus on spectacle first and foremost, featuring racing and freestyle competitions featuring trucks equipped with tricks designed to subvert their utilitarian purpose for fun displays of spectacle.

What is Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is an adrenaline-pumping spectacle in which drivers steer 12,000-pound trucks through gravity-defying stunts while performing stunning flips and flips. These powerful trucks also compete in races, two-wheel skills competitions, and freestyle competitions in front of an enthusiastic stadium or arena audience.

Fans also have an opportunity to interact with the trucks during designated ‘Pit Parties’ and drive their favorite truck in a two-minute freestyle challenge – something which has contributed significantly to its success and made the event such a hit among fans of truck shows worldwide.

Though there have been occasional incidents where something unintentionally flew into the crowd during freestyle – such as dirt particles or pieces from crushed trucks – nothing serious has ever occurred at a Monster Jam show; for many viewers however, it remains worth taking that risk for an unforgettable experience.

What are the trucks made of?

Driving a Monster Jam truck requires tremendous physical strength. Yet these machines are meticulously engineered so their drivers can perform breathtaking stunts for stadium-packed audiences worldwide.

Monster trucks date back to the lifted pickup days of the early 1970s. Bob Chandler, creator of Bigfoot, modified his Ford pickup into what became the original true monster truck, using it at tractor pulls where promoters recognized its crushing capability – prompting them to organize shows around him.

Today, the sport offers five individual points-paying series that culminate with its annual World Finals event. Each tour includes both racing and freestyle events featuring multiple driver combinations; while trucks powered by methanol-burning 540 cubic-inch engines produce up to 1,500 horsepower.

What are the competitors like?

Monster Jam has quickly grown due to being an accessible family event and welcoming female drivers into its ranks [source: Feld]. Additionally, Monster Jam strives to maintain an inclusive fan base by welcoming female competitors alongside male competitors [source: Feld].

Monster truck enthusiasts are passionate supporters, often showing their devotion by purchasing merchandise like 24-volt ride-on trucks or wind chimes from Monster truck brands like Mattel, Walmart or SpinMaster. Monster trucks has even collaborated with industry giants like Mattel to produce these branded items and sell them at retail locations such as Target.

Monster Jam events feature competitive racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle competitions where competitors get scored for each event; those with the highest total scores win the competition.

What are the events like?

Monster Jam events feature truck and speedster racing, an ATV obstacle course and freestyle competitions – each contributing to a driver’s overall score at an event. Freestyle with wheelies and doughnuts has become one of the most anticipated and anticipated segments at Monster Jam shows.

USHRA hosts Monster Jam World Finals competitions each winter, often known as the Super Bowl of Monster Truck events. Drivers compete in Racing, Skills and Freestyle events to secure bragging rights and the championship trophy.

Tickets prices for each venue differ, though seating will generally be very close to the action. Children two and under may sit free on a parent or guardian’s lap; please visit “Venue Information” links for specific ticketing and health & safety policies.

What are the prizes?

At this year’s most intense show, fans can get up close with 12,000-pound monster trucks as world class drivers compete in Racing, Freestyle, Donut and 2-Wheel Skills competitions. View fan favorite Grave Digger(r), Snarling El Toro Loco(r) and Megalodon(r). All are set for fierce head-to-head battles between them all!

Drivers on the event floor have two minutes to perform an action-packed series of jumps, tricks and flips that is nothing less than controlled chaos – fiberglass bodies break, axles are shed and sometimes fire ignites from engines!

Each track is custom designed for its intended location in order to offer fans a memorable experience while providing optimal racing conditions. Selecting an ideal dirt surface is also key, which is why the company owns so much land across the nation in order to maintain consistency across their facilities.