Monster Jam – Full-Throttle Family Fun

Experience world-class driver athletes helming monster trucks as they compete head-to-head in racing and freestyle competitions, crushing cars, flipping over, performing stunts, and crushing cars all to score points in these non-racing contests.

In just two minutes, drivers compete in an exciting freestyle competition at any event floor. Jumps, tricks and flips abound – with fiberglass bodies dislodging from axles as drivers perform jumps, tricks and flips for their audiences’ delight.

Two-Wheel Skills Challenge

The Two-Wheel Skills Challenge is a competition where drivers must balance their truck on its front or rear tires to earn points for scoring the highest score possible. Trucks may also perform donuts or cyclones to add even more points!

Monster Jam drivers all have different stories about how they got started driving monster trucks in Monster Jam shows. Tristan England of JCB DIGatron says working in Monster Jam shows has been his lifelong dream come true and has won three stadium tour championships and two world championships for freestyle and racing competition.

Monster Jam events offer something for everyone, making every experience truly unforgettable. Fans in the arena drive the show, creating lifelong fans as they witness gravity-defying feats performed by 12 12,000-pound Monster Jam trucks racing and competing in freestyle, racing, two-wheel skills competitions – and you can vote for your favorite driver live via in-stadium fan voting on mobile devices!

Stadium Races

Monster trucks from all around the world take to the dirt for an intense competition of speed and skill, captivating audiences with breathtaking displays of gravity-defying feats performed by skilled drivers.

Track designers place safety as their highest priority during each Monster Jam event, creating a protected zone within each stadium which is cleared of spectators during performance. Monster Jam employees monitor driver safety closely as well as oversee entry to hot pits (47 trucks are staged between rounds with two entering/exiting constantly), attend broken trucks both on- and off-track and make sure fans receive value for their money.

As stunts become more daring, truck designs adapt accordingly; some modifications require minor tweaks so drivers can keep pace with competition while observing safety standards set forth by the United States Hot Rod Association. Yet regardless of this ever-evolving nature of events like this one, everyone remains thoroughly entertained!

Freestyle Contest

Drivers competing in freestyle competition can showcase their talents by crushing cars or performing impressive tricks such as flying through the air or launching themselves off ramps. Trucks may also destroy obstacles on the course, such as destructible buildings and drones.

Freestyle was initially created as an encore for fans whose favorite trucks had been eliminated in racing. Once racing had concluded, fans would cheer for their preferred vehicle and their chosen truck would receive credit with the highest score.

Monster Jam competitors must now achieve both top qualifying times in racing and an impressive freestyle score in order to be victorious at each event. World Finals serve as a highlight, while exhibition shows continue through much of the year.

Brianna Mahon, driving her signature bright aqua Whiplash Monster Jam vehicle, emphasizes that nothing about Monster Jam is scripted and crowds become excited when female drivers enter competitions such as Monster Jam. Mahon joined this sport after her professional motocross career was cut short due to injury.


The Monster Jam World Finals marks the climax of every Monster Jam season and serves as its signature event. Here, series champions from both Stadium and Arena Series compete to claim one of four world championships across Racing, Freestyle and High Jump disciplines. These winners automatically qualify for entry; additional drivers may earn themselves entry through participating in Monster Jam World Tour events that grant automatic invitations to compete at these finals.

This World Finals would see the return of the American flag-styled safety tarps, last seen at World Finals VII in 2006. Weston Anderson would run his multi-colored Grave Digger truck as an homage to his Bog Hog mud truck and Avenger made its first appearance with its special orange body to celebrate 25 years since their founding. There would be 23 trucks competing freestyle as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Hot Wheels vehicles were damaged during racing crashes.