Monster Jam Freestyle Competition

Monster Jam provides something for young and old alike – from 24-volt ride-on trucks to wind chimes – but what really brings crowds together is their freestyle competitions.

Over two minutes, drivers race over ramps and junked cars before packed stadiums and arenas. Fans score, and the best truck wins.

What is Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is an international motorsport competition showcasing world-class driver athletes and iconic monster trucks competing in pit competitions. Each truck consumes three gallons per minute of methanol fuel to power its massive engine and produce 1,500 horsepower of power output.

The event features multiple events and allows fans to interact with drivers and trucks during Pit Parties. Drivers also can sign autographs and take photos with fans after each event.

Monster Jam stands out as an event designed for families, drawing in children in large numbers as audiences. This diverse demographic has contributed greatly to Monster Jam’s rapid development; children are an essential component of its audience and have broadened its appeal beyond speed enthusiasts alone.

Feld Entertainment, the company that manages this franchise, has made strides toward international expansion over recent years and now hosts multiple tours around the globe. They hope this will attract new and wider audiences while supporting the evolution of these trucks into state-of-the-art vehicles which can be used for various motorsport activities.

History of Monster Jam

Before monster trucks became the highly-engineered vehicles they are today, they were initially just hobby projects for off-road enthusiasts. As technology advanced and the fan base expanded, it only made sense to create an official tour for this sport.

Monster Jam stands out as a family-oriented motorsports event, taking pride in drawing crowds of all ages to its events, with children comprising the bulk of its audience.

Since 1993, fans have had the ability to cast votes for their favorite driver during racing competitions. Freestyle racing was added as an additional competition and a championship was presented as part of this process.

Monster Jam first made its move to FS1 for 139 episodes between 2014 and 2015, giving viewers their first opportunity to witness Becky McDonough of El Toro Loco and Diesel Dave of BroDozer perform back-to-back flips within one race.

Competitions at Monster Jam

As fans roar their appreciation of Monster Jam events, hundreds of employees watch carefully to ensure each truck remains safe. They orchestrate entry to the hot pits (where 47 trucks are staged between rounds, with two going in and out at any given time), attend to broken vehicles both on- and off-track, and help drivers perform at their peak potential.

Monster Jam’s Freestyle event draws many spectators, as each driver gets two minutes on the arena floor to execute jumps, stunts, and tricks that fans love watching unfold. There may be fiberglass bodies shed while axles break – all part of its controlled chaos that viewers devour with relish!

Brianna Mahon, who drives Whiplash on the Monster Jam circuit, describes it as having two distinct personalities that reflect both her tomboyish and feminine sides. Being one of 14 female competitors on Monster Jam makes for a welcome change from professional motocross, where gender equality has historically been less welcoming to female competitors.

What to Expect at Monster Jam

Monster Jam can be loud. We recommend wearing hearing protection to the show and getting used to hearing the engines roar and an announcer’s voice.

At every show, two events take place: racing and freestyle. During racing, drivers compete in truck races that follow a prescribed route and the first truck to reach its goal line wins.

Monster Jam stands apart from traditional motorsports by welcoming female drivers on equal terms with men in its competitions. Brianna Mahon of Whiplash Racing says she appreciates being treated on equal footing as men compete for victory.

Monster Jam World Finals traditionally take place each March, featuring both racing and freestyle events. Its competitive season consists of several segments held all throughout North America, Europe and Asia throughout the year in cities all around [source: Feld]. Trucks designed for Monster Jam competition have to be as durable as possible with particular attention paid to safety, reusability of parts and durability; some components may need redesign as stunts become more daring; however they must still handle extreme situations without failing.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Review

Monster Jam visits nearly one hundred stadiums and arenas annually, providing entertaining acrobatic shows featuring twelve-thousand pound vehicles like Bulldozer and Devastator with combat names such as Bulldozer.

Before each show, drivers prepare their trucks for freestyle competitions. Judged events allow two minutes for them to perform an array of jumps and tricks; fiberglass bodies break and axles fly – fans love this controlled chaos!


Monster Jam dazzles audiences with gravity-defying driving of 12,000-pound monster trucks driven by gravity-defying drivers. These monster trucks race, compete in two-wheel skills competitions and freestyle in front of full stadium audiences – owned and sanctioned by Feld Entertainment with USHRA as their official body governing it all. Furthermore, Feld Entertainment has made sure women participate – an uncommon occurrence among motorsports events where men usually hold physical advantages over female competitors.

Bigfoot, Grave Digger and El Toro Loco are some of the many iconic trucks that have become an integral part of world events. At first used as sideshows at events such as mud-bog events, tractor pulls and motocross races; after being noticed by an event promoter they began appearing at arenas as stars of their own events.

Two-Wheel Skills

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 provides a satisfying gaming experience to fans of its series despite some repetition. Boasting 38 trucks and offering solid progression levels, it is well worth investing in for truck enthusiasts but those seeking a more diverse experience might benefit from waiting until post-launch price reductions occur.

Racing and freestyle competitions in this game provide drivers with opportunities to pit themselves against one another in various events. Racing follows a prescribed course with first trucks crossing the finish line advancing, while freestyle competitions challenge drivers to maneuver their trucks over ramps and junked cars while spectators score them using an app on smartphones.

The game’s world career mode offers a good variety of content, such as head-to-head races and circuit racing against multiple opponents; rallying it from point to point in an attempt to reach all waypoints first; however, various issues from wonky physics to unreliable framerates hinder its potential fulfillment.


At freestyle events, drivers have two minutes (or one and a half for arena shows) to showcase their ability to drive over junked cars, crush them and perform stunts with their trucks. Fans vote on which truck they like best via a score tracking website and the winner is determined by how many points their driver earns – an approach which has led some critics to view freestyle as simply entertainment rather than technical racing; however, recent emphasis on using allotted time and bonuses for avoiding crashes has helped disprove that idea.

Brianna Mahon, who drives Whiplash in Monster Jam events, embodies this trend. A former professional motocross racer, she leverages both aspects of her personality to compete effectively at Monster Jam events.

Monster Jam shows can be extremely loud. Make sure you bring along some form of hearing protection. Also don’t forget about the Monster Jam Pit Party included with your event ticket – it could come in handy!


Monster truck drivers and spectators both deserve the utmost safety during shows, so all trucks come equipped with kill switches allowing staff to temporarily turn off the engine during performances. Drivers also wear fireproof suits, molded seats, five-point harnesses and helmets for added protection.

Monster Jam trucks are designed to take extreme leaps, so absorbing any sudden shock upon landing is of utmost importance. To do this, their suspension system consists of four-link suspensions in front and back equipped with nitrogen-charged remote reservoir air shocks for smooth landings.

Before each event, all trucks must undergo a comprehensive safety inspection and attend a briefing from USHRA — now owned by Feld Motorsports — the independent sanctioning body for Monster Jam racing that ensures all trucks meet specified safety and performance standards.

At most venues, children two and under attend for free as long as they sit on the lap of an adult. Otherwise, tickets are required. Furthermore, Pit Party activities and all post-show events require tickets as well.

EDC Las Vegas 2020 has officially been postponed to October

EDC Las Vegas 2020 has officially been postponed to OctoberEdclv 1

With music events, both major-or-minor taking the cancellation path, it was only a matter of time before EDC Las Vegas followed suit. Now, the mainstay Insomniac festival has officially announced the postponement of its milestone 10th anniversary. Originally slated to take place May 15-17, EDC has officially announced their move to October 2-4, 2020. The three-day event joins Beyond Wonderland as one of Insomniac’s festivals affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The lead up to EDC’s postponement has been mired with cancellations from numerous festivals including Coachella, Ultra Miami, and more as well as by recommendations on limited-capacity gatherings. On March 15, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised the cancellation or postponements of large events containing more than 50 people for the next eight weeks—its end date landing on May 10. The CDC further recommended that gatherings of more than 10 people for organizations that serve higher-risk populations be cancelled as well.

Preceding the announcement, Insomniac founder Pasquala Rotella also spoke earlier on the circumstances in event of the festival’s postponement. During an Insomniac Radio livestream, Rotella noted that all refunds would be honored including hotel refunds for up to 72 hours after postponement. He also assured Insomniac would issue the announcement so that fans would have enough time to adjust their travel and lodging plans. Despite previously stating that EDC would continue as planned with “new health and safety protocols” in accordance with local government officials, Rotella acknowledged the situation as being “fluid.”

See Pasquale’s full statement below.

See you in October! 😎🎡❤ #EDCLV2020

— Pasquale Rotella (@PasqualeRotella) April 3, 2020

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Ultra cancels March music festival over fears of spread of coronavirus in Miami

The 2020 Ultra Music Festival will be postponed — possibly for a full year, which would effectively cancel this year’s edition of Miami’s marquee electronic dance music event, the Miami Herald has learned.

The decision to postpone was made in a meeting Wednesday morning between Miami’s elected leaders and Ultra representatives, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. Before the meeting, Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner Joe Carollo told reporters they wanted to postpone the event due to concerns over the spread of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

City officials have yet to announce details of the change because attorneys are ironing out the legal issues tied to the decision, including the length of the delay, sources said.

Wednesday morning, Suarez, Carollo and City Manager Art Noriega met with Ultra representatives to discuss the possibility of postponing the three-day event, which is scheduled to open March 20 at Bayfront Park. The meeting followed a press conference where Carollo and Suarez called for the event’s postponement. After the meeting, Carollo and Suarez told reporters they had a reached a resolution, but there would not be an official announcement until Friday morning.

“The decisions was made to postpone it,” Commissioner Manolo Reyes told the Herald. He spoke to Suarez after the meeting. Reyes also signaled that the city will likely look at postponing another large event on the city’s March calendar.


“I agreed with the decision to postpone it,” Reyes said. “And now I’m worried about the Calle Ocho Festival.”

Sources with knowledge of the deal told the Herald that Ultra intends to postpone the event until 2021, effectively nixing the 2020 event. The move would mark the first time in the festival’s 21-year history that Ultra will not produce an event in the greater Miami area.

But Noriega did not address the details of the deal because the city’s legal team and Ultra are still drafting language for a new agreement.

“We’re working on a plan with them, and I’ll formally announce it on Friday,” Noriega told the Herald. The devil’s in the details. I haven’t seen the actual draft of the agreement.”


The lack of clarity at Wednesday morning’s press conference caused ticket holders to wonder if the event would go on or not. Critics furiously weighed in on social media, lambasting the city for overreacting and suggesting the festival could affect the spread of coronavirus. Others said postponement or cancellation made sense. Many pointed out that fans booked flights and hotels way in advance, so they are likely to come to Miami anyway.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Carollo and Suarez — who have had heated political feuds in the past — stood side-by-side to announce that they wanted to see Ultra postponed.

“We’re saying suspend it to a later date when we’ll have a better idea of where we’re heading with the coronavirus.” said Carollo, emphasizing that the city does not want to cancel the event.

Suarez said that Ultra presents a unique challenge in that people come from abroad to attend the festival, which has a capacity of 55,000 per day. The mayor said residents have asked the city to consider postponing or canceling Ultra.

“I can tell you that just in the last 24 hours, I have received countless emails and messages of all kinds urging the city to act,” Suarez said. “That is another major motivator to have this conversation before it gets too late.”

An Ultra representative walking into City Hall declined to comment on the possibility of postponement before the meeting, saying the organizers would provide a statement after the meeting. As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, Ultra had not responded to the Herald’s request.


Ultra, a major live music event in Miami that has been produced annually for more than 20 years, was scheduled to return to Bayfront Park after one year on Virginia Key. Residents’ complaints over noise and limited access to the park, along with political feuds, have framed the controversy around Ultra’s future in the city’s public spaces — at one point last year, it appeared that the festival might move to Homestead after logistical issues plagued the Virginia Key event.

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Excision Announces New Stage Production The Evolution

All great things have to come to a conclusion, and we have discovered that additionally comprises Excision’s beloved The Paradox in 2020.

The dubstep legend has officially announced that he will be debuting a brand new audiovisual experience to welcome the new year called The Evolution at The Thunderdome, which will be taking place at the Tacoma Dome in Washington in January.

While he doesn’t say we’re bidding farewell to The Paradox, it’s hard to believe he won’t be hitting the road with this new The Evolution production after its debut.

Check out Excision‘s official announcement below. Tickets for this event on sale Thursday at

Headbangers, prepare for The Evolution. The brand new audiovisual experience premieres at the Thunderdome Jan 31+Feb 1. Tix on sale Thursday?? 

— Excision (@Excision) November 11, 2019


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Leaked EDC Vegas 2019 – Stages Under Construction

With only a few days before people spend their best nights at EDC, we have a few leaked images of what to look forward to. While the images don’t reveal too much they do tell us a few important details. One of the images looks like a new Kinetic Field stage being built. For the first time the mainstage seems to be incorporating mostly LED screens and less inflatable features we’ve become used to. The rest seem like EDC is striving to try new setups, but it will have what you love still be apparent throughout the years. Big screens, lots of lasers and fireworks will be a forever staple for EDC. Interestingly, Cosmic Meadow looks to have a lot of wood incorporated in its stage design. Does this mean that more stages are doing the same? With such limited knowledge coming from these pictures we will have to wait till EDC starts to confirm. Whatever the case may be for the stage design these images have us excited to be back at the Las Vegas Speedway.

Tickets are still available for EDC Vegas 2019 in
3-Day passes, VIP and Single Day EDC Tickets

Check the images below if you wish to see what comes in this years EDC.
EDC Construction Vegas 2019
EDC Stages under construction leaked images
Main Stage Images 2019

Leaked Construction images

Global Dance Festival Releases Lineup for 2019 Edition

Denver’s biggest EDM festival returns this July.

Every summer, dance music fans of the greater Denver Metro Area look forward to one event. Global Dance Festival has just rekindled excitement for its 2019 edition by releasing a lineup with headliners from across the EDM spectrum.

Main stage staples Kaskade, ZHU, Galantis and Diplo are among the biggest names on the lineup. Chase & Status, Blanke and K?D are among the bass music acts billed for the Northern Lights Stage, whereas Green Velvet, Shiba San and DESTRUCTO will hold up the house end of the spectrum at the Tundra Stage.

Perhaps most notable, however, is a back-to-back set between hometown hero Illenium and heavy dubstep icon Excision. The latter artist shared the news of their unexpected partnership earlier in the day, revealing that they would also share a time slot at Lost Lands Festival.

The 2019 edition of Global Dance Festival will take place at Broncos Stadium at Mile High on July 19th and 20th. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website.

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The Ultimate Guide on Post-Festival Recovery

When you party like a superhero, it’s the right time to recuperate like one too!

We’t been there. Riding back home in a lengthy festival weekend you think, “Wow, I don’t think I will ever be the same. ” Music Festivals can be life changing. You produce lifelong memories with old friends and new friends alike, while realizing you’re just here on this earth for a set quantity of time so you have to enjoy every second of it.

Music festivals are a major party. 1 reason they are so much fun is because you really feel like you can do anything you want, whenever you want. It’s an entire other world unlike anyplace else. As human beings, people need liberty, and music festivals provide it. But like anything else in existence, this freedom comes with consequences.

What most festivalgoers don’t recognize is these life-changing events may likewise be relate to your own physical and psychological wellbeing.

Think of other events which happen throughout the season: holidays, school breaksand anniversaries, etc.. Yes, they may involve one or two crazy nights out around town, but rarely are there ever three or four nights and days full of nonstop partying. The day following your buddy ’s birthday might be you feeling down in the dumps, but chances are you probably aren’t likely to permanently damage your physical or mental wellbeing.

Festival-goers front row at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida. 

Following four days at a music festival, your psychological and physical health can be permanently damaged if specific recovery initiatives aren’t taken. Seldom during that time do you consider the strain that you’re putting in your body, because it’s all in good fun, right?

Yes, it is all in good fun, until you’re on the road back home and you also begin to feel that the after-effects of all the fun you had the past four days. Everything you don’t understand is that your mind and body are going to go undergo a period of extreme recovery.

The come down and side effects of a lengthy festival weekend are unavoidable, but there are strategies to help your mind and body get back to normal without causing permanent damage to your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Re-balancing Your Brain Chemicals

The afternoon after the festival concludes, there’s a chance that your brain appears to get forgotten how to produce serotonin by itself. It takes a few days for the head to start producing serotonin at its regular levels. During these few days, life can be gloomy and hard to manage.

But with new scientific findings, it is possible to hasten the procedure by which the mind returns to normal serotonin generation. There are certain foods and nutritional supplements you can eat and actions you can take part in right after the festival for your serotonin to come back to regular and protect yourself from being permanently damaged. 

Know your mind chemicalsSupplements

There are a couple organic nutritional supplements which you are able to take which were demonstrated to have an effect on dopamine production. These are all natural and can be seen at most health food stores. Listed below are five that you can try:

5-HTPSaffronFolateL-TryptophanVitamins B6 & B12

Most of them are compounds produced naturally within our bodies already, so when you eat an additional number of them, they’ve been demonstrated to have a larger effect on serotonin production. 

Foods to Eat

There have been lots of research which have played around with the concept that in the event that you eat particular foods which are high in tryptophan afterward it’s possible to increase the dopamine production within your brain and remove depression. However, scientists have found that the tryptophan has trouble traveling to the mind after being digested, making it useless to serotonin generation.

New studies have found that in the event that you set these high-tryptophan foods using high-carbohydrate foods that spike your glucose levels, then you are able to move a increased sum of the tryptophan to the mind, which allows for a larger effect in the production of dopamine.

Foods that are high in tryptophan:

Poultry,turkey,salmon,nut butter,legumes,green peas

Foods that are high in carbohydrates: 

Pasta, sweet potatoes, popcorn, bread, apples, celery, pineapple

When you mix these foods, you have a greater chance of directly impacting your brain’s generation of dopamine. A good illustration of a serotonin-boosting meal is Chicken Fettuccine Pasta with a side of Green Peas. Try to incorporate a few of these foods into your diet the week after your return by a music festival. 


There is one significant key to preventing brain compounds that’s seldom talked about but has a very substantial effect: the quantity of sunlight you receive during the day.

Sunlight is a key proponent in the production of chemical compounds in the brain which deal with happiness. There is a strong correlation between regions with higher suicide rates and regions that receive lower quantities of sunlight (for example, Alaska or Northern Canada).

If you return home in a lengthy festival weekend, then you still don’t should cower in the comfort of the darkened room, but get outdoors instead. At least two weeks should be spent outdoors during these recovery times – and you don’t even have to be doing something; simply sitting or standing at sunlight will burst. 

Walking in sunlight for 20-30 minutes has been shown to assist enhance your brain compounds.  Rehydrating Your Body

Your body consists of approximately 70% water. Water is the medium where essential minerals and vitamins traveling around your body to the elements that require them.

After three to four days of continuous dancing, your body will eliminate a fantastic proportion of its retained water. Even when you’re drinking water during the festival, odds are it’therefore insufficient. Being dehydrated for long lengths of time may cause permanent damage to your kidneys. If your body does not have the fluids it requires, it ’t be in a position to flush out bodily waste and toxins that are stored in such critical organs. Should you don’t re-hydrate yourself completely within a few days of this festival, then you will start to feel pain in your kidneys and urine discoloration. 

Drinkdrink, and drink some more. You may never have enough water following a festival, or throughout!

This may be avoided by drinking loads of water throughout and following the festival, more than you feel you need. You can never tell how dried your system is, until it is too late. So remember: waterwaterwater, and much more water. If you don’t, that day festival hangover will become a life of permanent damage. 

Muscle Soreness and Inflammation

Throughout a music festival weekend, then you take part in a great deal of physical activity. Walking from stage to stage, shuffling to some house, or even headbanging to dubstep are activities that place a great deal of strain in your muscles. A four-day music festival is somewhat like a four-day aerobic exercise session. You proceed for the majority of the day and get little to no break.

The day after you return from a long festival weekend, then you’re likely to experience muscle pain and soreness. That is because the muscle fibers are having little tears, which induces soreness and inflammation in the surrounding area. This isn’t a bad thing, it only means that the body needs to fix itself and become stronger.

This fixing procedure sometimes takes a week or longer, but there are ways which it is possible to accelerate this process in order to contact your regular daily routine without that nagging pain. 


1 method to relieve this post-festival soreness would be to stretch. Stretching after having a music festival can loosen up some tight muscle areas and help relieve the pain generated from continuous exercise throughout the long festival weekend. Stretching will assist in eliminating tension in the human body, enabling your body to come back to its regular state. 

Stretching with a spouse provides motivation, support, and is way more fun!Massaging

Massaging the sore muscles is another excellent way to alleviate inflammation and soreness. Using a foam roller over the sore muscle areas spreads out the muscular cells and compels the inflammation spots to disperse.

1 significant problem area folks are constantly complaining about following a festival is their feet. This makes sense because you will walk a few miles during the weekend, and dancing much more miles when you walk (if dancing has been measured in kilometers ). This continuous activity puts a good deal of strain in your foot muscles and bones.

1 great way to relieve the soreness out of this anxiety is to buy a roller especially created for your feet, or even get a foot washing machine. Along with remainder, massaging your feet allow you to come back to your regular life following a festival with no damaging to stand up or walk. 


Rest is the perfect way to recover your muscles following a music festival. Just like exercising or running, your body needs time to recover. Should you don’t recover correctly, you can cause permanent or long-lasting damage to your entire body.

If you return home from a festival, then you need to take part in as small physical activity as you can. The couch is the friend in these occasions. Even when you’re standing, your foot muscles are put under strain and unable to recover as fast as possible. 

To kill two recovery birds with one stone, go outside and lay down. Soak up the sunlight while resting your muscles

Yes, you will need to walk and stand throughout daily, however, the less you can, the quicker your muscles will recover. Couch time, sleepsitting down outside are the three actions which are the best for muscle recovery following a holiday season. 

Repairing Your Liver

Folks believe that if they are young, they can party all they want and it will have little to no effect on their health. The youthful mind set is that you may do anything you want now, because you will gradually settle down, and permit your body to fix itself out of the adolescent years.

What most men and women don’t understand is these actions may have a permanent effect on your liver.

Certain behaviors may cause damage to your liver , which makes some sections of your liver unable to be mended. Furthermore, you will have a higher chance of growing liver disorder, or experiencing liver failure.

But there are strategies to assist your liver recover following one of these four-day festival evenings. 

Drink a great deal of water. 

Since you need to be drinking a great deal of water to rehydrate your body anyways, this shouldn’t be a issue. Water helps flush out the toxins which affect the liver and allows your body to begin the reparation procedure. 

Eat leafy green vegetables. 

Adding leafy green vegetables to your diet (for example, kale, spinach, or lettuce) provides several key minerals and nutrients to your liver to assist in regeneration. 

Don’t drink alcohol. 

Put off the alcohol for a few of weeks after you return. This will give your liver a rest from any injury it moved through during your mad noodle festival weekend. 

Don’t drink soda. 

Lay off the carbonated sodas for a few weeks when you have a tradition of drinking them frequently. Your liver does not process the sugar and additives that are contained in soda that will lead to slower regeneration. 

Take milk thistle. 

Milk thistle contains the active ingredient sylmarin, that has been demonstrated to serve as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. When taken daily, it is possible milk thistle may enhance the health of your liver.

At, we don’t mean to dissuade you from having fun in a holiday season. Just be prepared to take the actions to correctly recuperate your entire body. If you abide by this actionable advice, you run less chance of acquiring liver disease or experiencing fatal liver failure. 

Catching Up on Sleep

If you’ve ever been to a music festival, then you’d understand that you simply get a few hours of sleep each night. You stay up till 5:00 AM and wake up at 10:00 AM. You can lose up to 12 hours of sleep over the whole weekend.

Sleep is the body’s most powerful recovery method. During sleep, your body slows down its own waking procedures (breathing/brain action ) and focuses on rebuilding your tissues to the following moment. When you don’t have enough sleep, your body isn’t able to fully recuperate for the following day’therefore actions. After a very long weekend, your entire body is craving this recovery period, and if you don’t give it to your entire body, it won’t work at its highest levels. 

Make Certain to turn off all of the lights when You’re preparing to head to sleep, making sure you get the deepest sleep possible

If you return home in the festival, then you need to grab on just as much sleep as possible. Sleeping about the car trip home, sleeping on the airplane, catch it where you may.

You need to be in bed early enough to at which you receive at least nine to ten hours of sleep the upcoming few days once you return. This will allow your body to return to its usual sleep patterns and will help out in recovering the damaged cells.

If you would like to return to regular bodily/brain works, you need to catch up in your sleep once you return and allow your body to maximize its recovery attempts. 


1 thing is key. Don’t assume your body is in too good of shape to sense that the after-effects of a lengthy festival weekend. You may be the most powerful person on the planet, but a 4-day festival will nonetheless take a toll on your body.

To avoid irreversible damage to your body, follow the actionable advice I have provided in this report. These are all very easy ways you may help your body recuperate from all of the stress you have put it throughout the festival weekend.

The idea of a music festival is to promote enjoyment, health, and a link to your environment. If you follow the steps mentioned in the following guide, you will be able to experience this joy and wellness for the duration of your time on earth.

If you would like to find out more about keeping your body in the best shape for the upcoming festival season, visit, where you are able to locate nutrition and training articles linked to EDM, as well as workout playlists and blends that will assist you achieve your objectives. 

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The Best Ways To Recover From A Festival

Back in Lost Lands last week and believed about the significance of regaining correctly following a festival. It’s no secret that many festivals take a toll on the body, both emotionally and mentally. Walking several miles throughout the weekend and Assessing the festival grounds, could be demanding on your body.

After the festival, it’s no time to come back to the actual world and here is a collection of the greatest methods to recover from a festival.


All of us know the importance of staying hydrated throughout the festival however it’s always important to stay hydrated prior to and after the festival also.  Several days of being under sunlight fully and dance drains your energy and drinking water can help you from becoming dehydrated. I always like to keep a reusable water bottle round, like a Hydro Flask that comes in convenient and helps me to drink water and stay hydrated all day long. You can even drink something with electrolytes and minerals such as GatoradePedialyte is frequently marketed towards kids but all of us understand it’s great to treat hangovers and it also has electrolytes and nutrients.

Participate In Real Food

You didn’t consume much all weekend, except perhaps a few and for pizza and french fries of protein bars. After a festival you need to replenish with a few food. As your body will be craving nourishment, try eating a meal. I love to have some meals so I once I get back in the festival I got a nutritious meal but I love to go to a favourite restaurant and gas up there.

Soothing Shower

The setting following a rave is taking a nice shower that is soothing. This is especially true if you’ve ever. When swimming washing away the dirt once you come home is essential, sometimes people sacrifice their personal hygiene. Baby wipes are popular when camping however, it doesn’t compare to a real shower. Even if you do take the time to shower in the festival in the showers it doesn’t compare to an actual shower. While I get home in the festival a nice shower gets me feel just like a new person.

Free water music festivals

Grab Some Sleep

The majority of us have full time jobs to be able to pay for all the festivals we must get back to work as soon as possible and we go to. I’ve come back in a festival at which I need to go to work the next day and it’s such a battle. I recommend you taking off a day following the festival recover properly and to grab some sleep. This can help you catch up on the sleep you lost throughout the weekend and assist you getting back to feeling normal again as fast as possible.

Plan Your Next Festival

The post-festival blues. All of us get them. Escaping reality to coming back to the real world and going from a pleasant weekend in a festival can be rough. You overlook the more folks you met, the vibes, the music, and even much more. Planning my next holiday or looking in my calendar and visiting my second upcoming event makes me feel much better. With something to look forward to allow me to make me feel not so gloomy and will be nice.

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Take a Virtual Tour of North America’s Longest Running Festival: Nocturnal Wonderland

The 23rd streak of North America’s longest running festival, Nocturnal Wonderland 2018, has long now come and gone leaving the ones of us who attended a euphoric state of mind after undergoing the immersive gathering.

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

Nocturnal Wonderland 2018 attracted over 65,000 attendees to some transformed Glen Helen Regional Park.

We danced across a black-lit playground featuring everything you need to get lost into: the audio coming out of four fancy stages, whimsical costumed monsters, tons of luminous art installations including a 3D UV experience, live art, and a full experience in camping alone, paired together with performances out of around 60 artists. 

Listen to Nocturnal Wonderland’s Discovery Project 2018 Mix:

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

As lovers wandered to set, each stage they stumbled upon was handcrafted to stick to this vibe it blasted.

Wolves’ Den stood 60-feet tall and 141-feet broad, featuring 81 parts of pyro and 8 capsules, fans gathered here for the amplifying noises of Boombox Cartel, Jai Wolf, Deorro, Slushii, Illenium, and much more. Even a 48-foot tall and 84-foot broad Labyrinth stage included eight flame heads, six capsules, also showered us with 36 pounds of confetti over the weekend while we got down to the looks of Bassrush along with NGHTMRE & SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations team. We raged to strong sets from Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus, Kill the Noise, Flux Pavilion, Said the Sky, and of course, NGHTMRE & SLANDER.

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

The return of Drift’s lighthouse was the highlight of our weekend, perfectly piled beneath the highest point of Glen Helen Regional Park, it beamed to the hippie in all of us; the black-lit stage included hammocks, and succulent gardens and interactive art pieces while the aerobeacon, once more, shined far through the festival grounds.

We could ’t even envision a better stage for those Sunken Garden vibeswe were so pleased to see it go back to host the looks of Nora En Pure, Lee Foss, Mikey Lion & Lee Reynolds, MK, and much more.

Listen to Mikey Lion reside at EF 2018: 

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

Insomniac’s Boombox Art Car made its method flourishing through the crowds in camp and in the festival behaving as the stage for the camp pre-party on Thursday, we were afterwards able to get it tucked into a neon mushroom spot just over in the 3D Nocturnal Wonderland Experience. Performances from Fester, Oscar da Grouch, Simfonik, and much more had the audience noodling for the rest of the weekend.

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

Nocturnal Wonderland also observed the return of three nights of RV, car, and tent camping under the night sky. We kicked off the weekend at the pre-party with bangers in Kayoh, Riot Ten, and much more at Moonlight Grove. Camping also featured nighlty Silent Discos with performers such as BIJOU, Morelia and also this season ’s Discovery Project winner. We also appreciated activities such as morning yoga, splashing from the waterpark, along with arts and crafts.

Listen to and download free of Riot Ten’s Nocturnal Wonderland mix: 

Listen to ARMNHMR‘s Nocturnal Wonderland Mix:  

Listen to DeeJay ShaGGy Live @ Camp OG — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018:

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland 2018

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland

Obviously this season ’s Nocturnal has been among the very best, we are so grateful to be a part of such an encounter that is enchanting. Exactly the same time next year? We cannot wait to return a year to do everything over again!

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland

Photo Credit — Nocturnal Wonderland

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