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Monster Jam

Feld Entertainment constructs elaborate Monster Jam tracks featuring massive jumps and ramps to accommodate world-class driver athletes from their iconic trucks on tour around the globe. For every performance, Feld Entertainment builds elaborate tracks featuring world-class driver athletes.

Once racing and two-wheel skills competitions conclude, freestyle events take over with racing, backflipping and wheelies galore! Fans attend these shows specifically for this purpose; two minutes is given to drivers to break freestyle moves on the dirt crew through backflips and wheelies!

The trucks

Monster Jam trucks are enormous, heavy-duty vehicles designed to withstand high speeds and massive impacts, boasting distinctive paint jobs, chassis designs, and suspension systems. Drivers compete in racing or freestyle events – the winners advancing onto subsequent rounds.

Grave Digger, Max-D, El Toro Loco and Megalodon are four of the most acclaimed trucks, attracting huge crowds at every event they participate in. Each vehicle’s popularity can fluctuate based on how many races it wins and how many fans it attracts; additional gains include meet-and-greets, autograph signings and charitable activities that take place.

Fans can experience close interaction between trucks and fans at the Pit Party, an exclusive activity separate from the main show that requires purchasing an additional Pit Party ticket in addition to your event ticket. Hours and activities of this exclusive experience depend on location; in order to remain compliant with health and safety protocols set by local authorities’ guidelines.

The competitions

Safety is of utmost importance at Monster Jam events. Each venue works closely with Monster Jam to develop evacuation plans and address other safety-related matters specific to that location. Furthermore, each show floor features a “safety hold,” consisting of several rows surrounding the show floor which must remain clear during all performances.

Monster Jam competition involves three forms of competition for trucks: racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle. Racing competition is measured by time spent to complete, while freestyle and two-wheel skills competitions score each driver individually based on performance in individual competitions.

Monster Jam shows feature freestyle competition as one of the primary events, drawing both spectators and critics. Although critics claim drivers use freestyle to cause crashes and rollovers for spectators’ entertainment, an emphasis placed on using all available time has helped reduce this tendency. A new tiebreaker rule has also provided relief to this effect.

The fans

Monster Jam fans are an essential component to its continued growth and success. Fans like Julie Cohen from Chicago – who brought her 11-year-old son Benjamin along to an event recently – express how much they enjoy seeing Monster Jam trucks speed through an obstacle-filled track at full throttle!

Monster Jam operates both arena and stadium shows as well as an official competitive season that begins each January and concludes with its World Finals each May, as well as exhibition events taking place all through summer and fall. All series operations are managed out of Feld Entertainment’s facility in Palmetto, Florida which Dalsing refers to as being “the largest motorsports shop on earth.”

Employees at the company handle everything from choreographing truck entry and exit in hot pits to managing cold pits with trailers for independent teams. In addition, there’s a massive warehouse where each show’s fleet of trucks, parts, and supplies are kept. All this work goes into keeping fans like Cohen happy!

The atmosphere

Monster Jam is an enjoyable family event and children two and under attend free as long as they sit on their parent or guardian’s lap. However, some venues require all fans aged two and up (including pre-show Pit Party tickets, Early Access passes and VIP Experience tickets ) to purchase tickets for all events, including Pit Partys, Early Access passes or VIP Experience tickets; please check your venue of interest for further details.

Unsurprisingly, you might also be shocked to discover that many truck drivers are women. Truck driving attracts female competitors just as talented and skilled as its male competitors [source: UF]. Furthermore, endurance and strength remain equal among both genders [source: UF].

Before heading out to your next Monster Jam show, set aside any preconceptions about its audience. While you might expect camo clothing and American flags in abundance, don’t make assumptions based on stereotypes; every show draws together people from diverse backgrounds.

Monster Jam – Fun For the Whole Family

Monster Jam can be an exciting family experience! However, it may also be somewhat intimidating.

Starting off, this event can be loud; so loud that ear protection may be necessary! But then again, it’s truly amazing seeing some of the world-famous trucks close up and personal! Each competition showcases different types of trucks.

The History of Monster Jam

Monster Jam may seem staged and scripted today, but its roots lie elsewhere. Monster Jam first emerged during the lifted pickup era of the 1970s when owners started outfitting factory four-wheel drive trucks with monster tires to create competitive displays at car shows.

United States Hot Rod Association soon started sanctioned racing events in arenas and stadiums, while Bigfoot was born after its video showing it crushing cars caught the attention of a promoter.

Feld Entertainment expanded this sport by selling tickets to watch drivers like Dennis Anderson’s Grave Digger compete at indoor stadium blowouts and smaller arena shows. Fans enjoy experiencing these 12,000-pound machines competing against one another for speed, skill and freestyle competitions on an arena show floor; during which drivers perform tricks and stunts over an extensive ground area. A team of eight spends 18-20 hours over three days building tracks specifically for each event.

Two-Wheel Skills Challenge

Though racing and freestyle dominate most events, two-wheel skills competition is also an exciting part of the show. Attendees use smartphone apps to rank drivers performing tricks on two wheels as they perform them; those with the highest average score win.

Drivers also face the unique challenge of high jumping during a stadium event (known as the Great Clips Skills Challenge in arenas). To do this, they must run up an almost vertical ramp using their rear tires to propel themselves upward until reaching level flight.

Weston Anderson will attempt to defend his title driving Grave Digger while Brianna Mahon competes for her inaugural Event Championship behind Scooby Dooa. These two drivers will engage in an epic head-to-head battle of speed and skill as they compete for this fierce event championship race of 12,000-pound trucks equipped with powerful Chevrolet engines producing 1,500 HP and 1,100 Lbs of Torque.

Head-to-Head Racing

Monster Jam began in 1995 as an event featuring racing and two-wheel skills competitions as well as freestyle competition. Freestyle competition gives drivers who didn’t make it into the race the opportunity to display their talents, even if they don’t compete head-on against each other for points. Trucks compete head-to-head against one another for points.

HowStuffWorks took an exclusive behind the scenes tour during a recent Monster Jam event, visiting both pits to observe truck crews as they worked to prepare all 83 trucks that would compete on the track.

Monster Jam’s team builds a custom track for every show, which requires significant work but ensures truck teams will experience a fresh new layout every city the tour visits.

Be aware that although trucks are designed with safety in mind, this sport remains potentially risky. There have been rare instances in which something unintentionally launched from one of the trucks–be it dirt, shrapnel or crushed car debris–has struck spectators unknowingly and caused injury.


Freestyle competitions provide drivers two minutes (one and a half in arena shows) to drive their trucks over ramps, junked cars and other obstacles on an open floor surface. The truck that scores the most points in this category will be declared the winner of the event.

Monster Jam shows prior to its incorporation of freestyle into its head-to-head racing format often employed a method known as “cheer off”, in which audience members counted how often each truck received cheers, with those receiving the most applause earning an edge in competition.

Monster Jam’s freestyle competition is one of its most thrilling elements, providing fans a rare opportunity to see massive trucks up close and meet their favorite drivers – an invaluable chance for families looking to take pictures or collect autographs! This competition provides great photo opps!

Monster Jam – The Ultimate Experience

Monster Jam trucks compete in wheelie competitions, obstacle courses, donut competitions and freestyle events. Each truck has two minutes on an open floor (or one-and-a-half in arena shows) to showcase jumps, stunts and roaring engine noises to thrill and dazzle its audience.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 offers an engaging progression system, plenty of trucks to unlock and unique environments to explore – providing hours of enjoyment for everyone in the family!


Underneath the colorful fiberglass exteriors of Monster Jam trucks lie real racecars. Most teams utilize tubular steel space chassis from Dan Patrick Enterprises or Carroll Racing Design as race cars for Monster Jam races.

Monster Jam events began offering freestyle exhibitions as early as 1993, pioneered by Dennis Anderson’s Grave Digger the Legend truck and providing drivers with another way back onto the event floor if they did not qualify for racing portion of show.

Drivers come from all walks of life and work hard to achieve their goals. Many have gone through Monster Jam University training program, which covers everything from basic operation to improving driver skills and public relations. Meanwhile, technicians ensure the 800 HP trucks remain in top shape.


Monster Jam trucks are specially-built to protect drivers at all times during racing or freestyle competition. Each one contains a roll cage, ergonomic seat that conforms to its driver, and five-point harnessing system to keep him or her secure and in their spot.

Racing involves drivers competing against each other over an established course in trucks, and the first to cross the finish line is declared victorious. Each event may also involve qualifying rounds that establish brackets.

Take part in the action with this officially licensed Monster Jam 1:64 scale die-cast truck! Featuring BKT tires and stylized chrome rims with authentic chassis detailing in chrome plating for an authentic experience – complete with collectible driver figurine molded into its driver seat!


Arenas have been designed to display massive trucks in an environment as vibrant and spectacular as their drivers themselves. Impress your audiences by performing mind-boggling tricks to amaze the audience: race up ramps, drive over cars that appear like toys next to your Monster Truck, perform loop-the-loops… More than 50 missions await your challenge and expression!

Bring the family along to the Prudential Center before the show for the Pit Party, an exclusive chance to see trucks up close and meet athletes! Also participate in several family activities including UNOH tire demonstration, coloring and temporary tattoo stations as well as more!

Monster Jam’s primary concern remains fan health and safety for their audience, drivers, and venues where they perform. All fans aged 2 or over must possess a ticket when attending one of its performances.


Monster Jam events take place on elaborate structures constructed of dirt that have been carefully constructed to support ten-thousand-pound trucks and their drivers. Each track is tailor-made to fit into its respective venue‘s stadium or arena perfectly.

Monster Jam events feature competition in racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle events – each segment winner receives a championship title!

Monster Jam is a competitive series consisting of five points-paying tours that culminates in the World Finals event each May. Following that event, trucks that participated in each season tour continue making shows until summer and fall – approximately 120 events across stadiums and arenas between then. Though owned independently, each truck must meet USHRA performance and safety requirements to participate.


Monster Jam trucks produce noise levels reaching 120 decibels, which could potentially damage hearing over time. Hearing protection should always be worn when attending this event and can be purchased from concession stands within each arena.

Monster Jam drivers spend months or years training with specialists in order to operate their trucks and perform stunts safely, wearing fireproof driving suits and helmets for safety. In contrast with race car and motocross athletes, all Monster Jam drivers are female [source: Feld].

Drivers face many logistical challenges in addition to training. Arranging for 48 competitors every week to use appropriate trucks is no small feat; also, filling stadiums takes considerable soil, which must be stored between events so as to prevent damage to trucks.

Hugh Jackman Announces World Tour Performing Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman has announced that the world tour performing monitors by The Greatest Showman, and it goes without saying — it’s definitely going to be the best show. 

The talented performer is taking to stages across the globe to bring to life what I believe is most likely one of the greatest films in recent years — though the strain ’s as he won’t even have all of his exceptional supporting cast around him in the one-man series.

I don’t even believe we have to fret though, Jackman can accomplish anything. He is, after all, the best showman.

It is possible to buy tickets now for The Greatest Showman tour dates at

Jul 10, 2019 Pepsi Center – Denver, CO National Events Jun 18, 2019 Toyota Center – TX – Houston, TX Jun 19, 2019 American Airlines Center – Dallas, TX Jun 21, 2019 United Center – Chicago, IL BUY TICKETS Jun 22, 2019 Xcel Energy Center – Saint Paul, MN Jun 24, 2019 Little Caesars Arena – Detroit, MI Jun 25, 2019 Scotiabank Arena – Toronto, ON Jun 27, 2019 TD Garden – Boston, MA Jun 28, 2019 Madison Square Garden – New York, NY Jun 29, 2019 Madison Square Garden – New York, NY Jun 29, 2019 Madison Square Garden – New York, NY Jun 30, 2019 Wells Fargo Center – PA – Philadelphia, PA Jul 1, 2019 Capital One Arena – Washington, DC Jul 3, 2019 State Farm Arena – GA – Atlanta, GA Jul 5, 2019 Amalie Arena – Tampa, FL Jul 6, 2019 BB&T Center – Sunrise, FL Jul 11, 2019 Vivint Smart Home Arena – Salt Lake City, UT Jul 12, 2019 Vivint Smart Home Arena – Salt Lake City, UT Jul 13, 2019 MGM Grand Garden Arena – Las Vegas, NV Jul 14, 2019 Gila River Arena – Glendale, AZ Jul 16, 2019 Valley View Casino Center – San Diego, CA Jul 17, 2019 SAP Center – San Jose, CA Jul 19, 2019 Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA Jul 20, 2019 Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA
greatest showman hugh jackman open air sing along20th Century Fox

The Australian revealed the news on Good Morning America, where he described the encounter as ‘a fantasy come true’.

As well as tracks from The Greatest Showman, Jackman will reprise some of his performing and stage characters by singing songs from Les Misérables, The Boy from Oz, along with Oklahoma.

While the 50-year-old will be the star of this series, he will be backed by a 26 piece orchestra as well as in his words, ‘around 30 singers and dancers’, so that there ’s no doubt it will be a spectacle to behold.

While there’s been no reference of Zac Efron or even Zendaya producing an appearance on stage, co-star Keala Settle, who played the Bearded Lady in The Greatest Showman, will be joining Jackman for performances and blowing audiences away with her amazing vocal chords.

I don’t even understand you, but I’t ever attempted and failed many times to mimic the second Settle smashes the point ‘THIS IS WHERE YOU WANNA BE’ in The Greatest Show.

Greatest Showman20th Century Fox

The Wolverine celebrity has performed his one-man series on Broadway in addition to at places in Australia, yet this time he will be taking on more stages in America and Europe, along with now he ’s triumphed that no two shows will be the exact same.

Speaking on Good Morning America, he said:

I enjoy going to a concert in which I believe something happens that night, that night which could happen. I’m only going to have a celebration.

I guess true fans might have to attend as many shows as you can to actually see Jackman in all of his glory!

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Book of Mormon Touring Tickets: has Tickets for Every Stop w/ Promo Code Available

By Andrew Hyde [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Broadway hit The Book of Mormon is currently being performed at theaters across North America on its second national tour. Stops are scheduled in Detroit, Nashville, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Richmond, Toronto, Ottawa, Los Angeles, San Diego, and other cities. has tickets available for every stop on the tour. You can get a discount of 5 percent on your tickets to see The Book of Mormon by using promo code “SAVE” at checkout.

The Book of Mormon is a satirical musical about Mormon missionaries from the United States who travel to Africa to convert local villagers to their religion. The missionaries struggle to persuade the villagers, who are dealing with poverty, war, and AIDS, to embrace the Mormon religion.

Cast and Creative Team

The touring cast includes several members who previously starred in the musical on Broadway. Gabe Gibbs, who plays Elder Price; Cody Jamison Strand, who plays Elder Cunningham; Daxton Bloomquist, who plays Elder McKinley; and David Aron Damane, who plays the general, previously performed in The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

The book, lyrics, and music were written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez. Parker and Stone created the animated series South Park, and Lopez was a co-composer and co-lyricist whose previous work included Avenue Q and Frozen. The three began working on the musical in 2003. It was produced by Scott Rudin and opened directly on Broadway in 2011.

Award-Winning Musical

The Book of Mormon earned positive reviews from critics. It also broke previous records for ticket sales at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. The musical earned nine Tony Awards, including one for Best Musical. The Broadway cast recording reached number three on the Billboard charts, making it the highest-charting Broadway cast album in over 40 years, and it won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

Order Tickets to The Book of Mormon and Use Promo Code to Save 5 Percent

The Book of Mormon is a hilarious musical about religion and culture that has been making audiences laugh since 2011. If you have wanted to see the play but couldn’t take a trip to New York to see it on Broadway, now you can see it on tour. Order your tickets to see The Book of Mormon from today and use promo code “SAVE” to get a discount of 5 percent.

Hamilton in Chicago Promo Codes: Get Great Deals on Hamilton Tickets from

A Hamilton star laid over a photo of Downtown Chicago.

The Broadway smash Hamilton is going to be coming to Chicago. Performances of Hamilton will begin in the Windy City on September 27 at the PrivateBank Theatre. is offering discounted tickets to both day and evening performances. Customers can save on tickets by using the promo code SAVE at checkout.

Cast of Hamilton in Chicago

The Chicago cast for Hamilton was recently announced. Miguel Cervantes will star as Alexander Hamilton. Cervantes prepared for his performances in Chicago by playing the role of Alexander Hamilton on Broadway at three matinee performances in July. Karen Olivo will play Angelica Schuyler. Alexander Gemignani will take on the role of King George III, while Ari Afsar will play Eliza Hamilton. Joshua Henry will play Aaron Burr, Hamilton’s friend who later became a bitter rival. Jonathan Kirkland will play the role of George Washington.

Why Hamilton Has Become Legendary

Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Hamilton was an immigrant from the West Indies who was a chief supporter of George Washington during the Revolutionary War and later went on to become the United States’ first Treasury Secretary.

Hamilton has become popular because of its retelling of the story of the founding of the United States, and also because of the music, which combines many genres. The songs in the musical contain elements of hip hop, jazz, R&B, rap, and Broadway.

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