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A Hamilton star laid over a photo of Downtown Chicago.

The Broadway smash Hamilton is going to be coming to Chicago. Performances of Hamilton will begin in the Windy City on September 27 at the PrivateBank Theatre.

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Cast of Hamilton in Chicago

The Chicago cast for Hamilton was recently announced. Miguel Cervantes will star as Alexander Hamilton. Cervantes prepared for his performances in Chicago by playing the role of Alexander Hamilton on Broadway at three matinee performances in July. Karen Olivo will play Angelica Schuyler. Alexander Gemignani will take on the role of King George III, while Ari Afsar will play Eliza Hamilton. Joshua Henry will play Aaron Burr, Hamilton’s friend who later became a bitter rival. Jonathan Kirkland will play the role of George Washington.

Why Hamilton Has Become Legendary

Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Hamilton was an immigrant from the West Indies who was a chief supporter of George Washington during the Revolutionary War and later went on to become the United States’ first Treasury Secretary.

Hamilton has become popular because of its retelling of the story of the founding of the United States, and also because of the music, which combines many genres. The songs in the musical contain elements of hip hop, jazz, R&B, rap, and Broadway.

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