Alpha Album Review – Queer R&B Singer-Songwriter Charlotte Day Wilson

Charlotte Day Wilson stands out in Toronto’s lively R&B scene as an artist with an innovative and progressive vision. After debuting with EP CDW and Stone Woman respectively in 2016, she’s poised to make waves worldwide with Alpha.

She takes advantage of vintage bass lines and gospel assonance to craft an innovative take on R&B and soul that showcases her superb vocal abilities.

1. Work

Charlotte Day Wilson of Toronto has an admirable habit of showing her emotions through her music. Her songs reflect her commitment to being an honest artist who seeks to empower and encourage others through her creativity.

“Work” begins with a melancholic melody that sets the mood for its introspective lyrics, exploring struggles of finding purpose in work and life – echoing with individuals questioning their goals, ambitions and daily efforts.

Wilson has experienced impressive growth since her debut EP CDW was released in 2016. Since then, her 2021 project Alpha has established her as an in-demand producer and multi-instrumentalist with collaborations including those with BBNG’s Tavares, Daniel Caesar, Merna Bishouty. Additionally, Wilson produces her own songs, placing her among a very small minority – multiple estimates place the figure between five percent of producers worldwide and five percent women producers – producing their own material herself; no surprise then that the debut single off Alpha is entitled “Work.”

2. Stone Woman

Charlotte Day Wilson, a Toronto-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, boasts an effortlessly smooth blend of jazz, R&B, soul, and classical influences that is already classic sounding. What sets Charlotte Day Wilson apart though, is her ability to capture life’s details through storytelling – how emotions connect us to those around us and vice versa.

Beginning with Ines – a woman consumed by grief over the loss of her mother – as the story opens she realizes that even as her body becomes solidified she becomes aware that stone contains pieces from things once living; shadow and light both exist within this process of transformation.

As you explore The Fen in Lords of the Fallen, you may come across a petrified stone woman asking for your assistance. Here’s our guide on how to help her and have her leave so that you can discover more of your quest together; once she does leave she will offer up insight about upcoming battles as well as reward you with a necklace accessory that reduces physical damage done against you.

3. In Your Eyes

On this ballad, strings, woodwinds, and piano create an atmosphere of melancholy and nostalgia. While Wilson’s voice holds it together well despite some loose production issues.

Wilson’s second EP is an atmospheric, immersive queer experience crafted to perfection by her meticulous production sensibility and propelled by her timeless vocal talent. Cyan Blue captures all shades of human experience, from melancholy to bitterness and regret through Wilson’s clear vision.

After her debut album Alpha made Billboard’s Top 10 R&B chart last year, Canadian-born CDW has solidified her position as an indie soul act to watch out for. Her timeless yet contemporary sounds come through her distinct lens; creating songs about doomed lovers lamenting lost relationships while sipping on cheap liquor from dimly-lit living rooms over bottomless bottles of cheap bourbon.

4. Take Care of You

Charlotte Day Wilson, a Toronto-based queer singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist-producer is known for her rich jazz and R&B influenced sound that already sounds classic. Boasting delicate yet powerful vocals that enthrall audiences alike, her work has already featured prominently on Apple commercials and top 10 lists in both Canada and the US while collaborations with artists like BADBADNOTGOOD, Benjamin Coyle-Larner and Kaytranada showcase her diversity and versatility.

Born and raised in Toronto, she studied classical piano as a child before teaching herself production with GarageBand as a teenager. As part of the funk band The Wayo before taking an internship with Arts & Crafts label which represents other Canadian artists like Feist and BadBadNotGood – where she released her debut album Alpha in July 2021.