Monster Jam – The Ultimate Experience

Monster Jam trucks compete in wheelie competitions, obstacle courses, donut competitions and freestyle events. Each truck has two minutes on an open floor (or one-and-a-half in arena shows) to showcase jumps, stunts and roaring engine noises to thrill and dazzle its audience.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 offers an engaging progression system, plenty of trucks to unlock and unique environments to explore – providing hours of enjoyment for everyone in the family!


Underneath the colorful fiberglass exteriors of Monster Jam trucks lie real racecars. Most teams utilize tubular steel space chassis from Dan Patrick Enterprises or Carroll Racing Design as race cars for Monster Jam races.

Monster Jam events began offering freestyle exhibitions as early as 1993, pioneered by Dennis Anderson’s Grave Digger the Legend truck and providing drivers with another way back onto the event floor if they did not qualify for racing portion of show.

Drivers come from all walks of life and work hard to achieve their goals. Many have gone through Monster Jam University training program, which covers everything from basic operation to improving driver skills and public relations. Meanwhile, technicians ensure the 800 HP trucks remain in top shape.


Monster Jam trucks are specially-built to protect drivers at all times during racing or freestyle competition. Each one contains a roll cage, ergonomic seat that conforms to its driver, and five-point harnessing system to keep him or her secure and in their spot.

Racing involves drivers competing against each other over an established course in trucks, and the first to cross the finish line is declared victorious. Each event may also involve qualifying rounds that establish brackets.

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Arenas have been designed to display massive trucks in an environment as vibrant and spectacular as their drivers themselves. Impress your audiences by performing mind-boggling tricks to amaze the audience: race up ramps, drive over cars that appear like toys next to your Monster Truck, perform loop-the-loops… More than 50 missions await your challenge and expression!

Bring the family along to the Prudential Center before the show for the Pit Party, an exclusive chance to see trucks up close and meet athletes! Also participate in several family activities including UNOH tire demonstration, coloring and temporary tattoo stations as well as more!

Monster Jam’s primary concern remains fan health and safety for their audience, drivers, and venues where they perform. All fans aged 2 or over must possess a ticket when attending one of its performances.


Monster Jam events take place on elaborate structures constructed of dirt that have been carefully constructed to support ten-thousand-pound trucks and their drivers. Each track is tailor-made to fit into its respective venue‘s stadium or arena perfectly.

Monster Jam events feature competition in racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle events – each segment winner receives a championship title!

Monster Jam is a competitive series consisting of five points-paying tours that culminates in the World Finals event each May. Following that event, trucks that participated in each season tour continue making shows until summer and fall – approximately 120 events across stadiums and arenas between then. Though owned independently, each truck must meet USHRA performance and safety requirements to participate.


Monster Jam trucks produce noise levels reaching 120 decibels, which could potentially damage hearing over time. Hearing protection should always be worn when attending this event and can be purchased from concession stands within each arena.

Monster Jam drivers spend months or years training with specialists in order to operate their trucks and perform stunts safely, wearing fireproof driving suits and helmets for safety. In contrast with race car and motocross athletes, all Monster Jam drivers are female [source: Feld].

Drivers face many logistical challenges in addition to training. Arranging for 48 competitors every week to use appropriate trucks is no small feat; also, filling stadiums takes considerable soil, which must be stored between events so as to prevent damage to trucks.