Tedeschi Trucks Band

Few husband and wife duos can match the musical compatibility of singer/guitarist SUSAN TEDESCHI and guitarist DEREK TRUCKS as musical partners than this pair, both steeped in blues tradition but drawing inspiration from various genres to produce albums that offer up a lush combination of rootsy rock ‘n’ roll music.

Kofi Burbridge on bass, JJ Johnson on drums, Tyler Greenwell on guitar, Tim Lefebvre on keyboards and Kebbi Williams and Ephraim Owens both serve as members of this collective band.

The Band

After opening for notable acts such as Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones for over a decade, Tedeschi met Allman Brothers Band slide guitarist Derek Trucks; together, they created an old-school, eleven-member soul and blues outfit; their debut album Revelator showcased both blues rock as well as emotional ballad material.

FUV Essentials features one track from each of FUV’s five studio albums.

Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi has become one of the premier blues and American roots musicians of her generation, drawing large crowds to her concerts with her powerful voice and stage presence. Her debut album Just Won’t Burn has gone gold – an unprecedented accomplishment for any blues release.

The Allman Brothers Band she leads with husband Derek Trucks has won multiple Grammy nominations.

Derek Trucks

Derek Trucks, nephew of Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch, was an integral member of that band until its disbandment in 2014. Since then he and wife Susan Tedeschi have formed their own ensemble featuring both cover songs as well as original material crafted specifically by themselves.

Trucks’ mesmerizing slide guitar technique is at the heart of their sound; coupled with Tedeschi’s stunning vocal harmonies and Trucks’ impressive slide technique it creates musical nirvana.

Kofi Burbridge

Kofi Burbridge, keyboardist and flutist for Tedeschi Trucks Band‘s Grammy-winning Tedeschi Trucks Band, passed away at 57 on Friday.

His death coincided with TTB releasing their album Signs – fittingly dealing with loss and the many tragedies they had endured over time.

Since 2010, he has performed alongside Derek Tedeschi, Oteil and Susan Tedeschi in The Tedeschi Trucks Band (TTB), in addition to playing in various Allman Brothers Band offshoots.

JJ Johnson

JJ Johnson was an incredible jazz trombonist, an outstanding band leader, and an esteemed composer/arranger for other musicians. Additionally, he contributed his talents to many film and TV scores.

In 1954, Jay formed a two-trombone quintet known as Jay and Kai with Kai Winding that performed and recorded nightclub circuit.

Johnson developed more serious Third Stream compositions during the 1950s. He also took part in various studio sessions and collaborated with Andre Previn on recording Kurt Weill music.

Tyler Greenwell

Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi have assembled an ensemble with an impressive list of talent. It includes bassist Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie), saxophonist Kebbi Williams of Outkast and trombonist Elizabeth Lea, plus drummers JJ Johnson of John Mayer fame and Tyler Greenwell of Col. Bruce Hampton fame.

They possess the versatility to traverse dynamic peaks that larger bands only hint at. We caught up with them before their tour to discuss drumming together, Kofi Burbridge’s loss, and touring’s demands.

Tim Lefebvre

Tim Lefebvre of Foxboro is widely recognized for his mastery of both electric and acoustic bass guitar, boasting over 150 recordings to his name. Additionally, he has contributed soundtrack work on films like 30 Rock, Analyze That and Ocean’s Twelve.

In 2013, Lefebvre joined the Tedeschi Trucks Band alongside husband-and-wife duo Derek and Susan Trucks as bassist, as well as performing as part of Whose Hat Is This? and Michael Wollny Trio.

Kebbi Williams

Kebbi Williams is an Atlanta-based saxophonist renowned for his performances all around the world. Additionally, he founded Music In The Park–an Atlanta nonprofit music and arts organization with the mission to empower, educate, and galvanize young performers and inspire vibrancy within its community.

On a night off during their 2015 European tour, bassist Tim Lefebvre, saxophonist Kebbi Williams and drummers JJ Johnson and Tyler Greenwell came together for a unique set of free jazz and fearless exploration titled Whose Hat Is This?. Whose Hat Is This? is their exquisite live recording.

Ephraim Owens

Carmel resident Ephraim Owens amazed the coaches during this season’s Blind Auditions of The Voice with his performance of Labrinth’s Beneath Your Beautiful; Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan and John Legend even turned around their chairs for him during his audition! Gwen Stefani had her chair turned back towards him before performing the song himself!

This married duo of guitar players are best known for their dynamic mix of rock, blues and gospel – but also have an extensive jazz background.

Mark Rivers

Mark Rivers is an accomplished writer in both music and comedy; he’s responsible for writing some of the hit songs on Netflix animated series Big Mouth.

He plays guitar melodically and can produce powerful notes that stand on their own. Additionally, his passion for blues and rock music can be heard through his work.