Abbath Band – Outstrider

After his controversial departure from Immortal, Abbath went on to form his own solo act – his debut self-titled album is sure to draw much notice across metal circles. King ov Hell and Creature join Abbath for this debut effort that’s sure to turn heads in its release.

Vocally, he remains outstanding. His signature froggy screech and image-rich lyrics help set him apart.

The Outstrider

Abbath Band have released Outstrider as the follow up to their 2016 self-titled debut and it is a tighter, more well-rounded second album than their 2016 self-titled release. Fans of their riffage, robust pocket, black metal vocals croaked and screeched, as well as traditional metal-esque melodicism will find much to enjoy here while those looking for significant stylistic risks may be disappointed as Outstrider remains true to its riff heavy roots throughout.

Even with lineup changes since their initial debut album, Abbath still feels like a major presence on this recording; his voice carrying the album‘s themes with power and emotion. Ukri Suvilehto’s drumming is equally outstanding, adding urgency and extra hits without diluting their power or groove. Outstrider is an impressive album which will excite any death metal fan; from its opening build-up to an intense blast of death metal excellence on each song. Other highlights include tremolo picked riffs and double guitar harmony on “Hecate”, as well as galloping riffs in “Calm In Ire (Of Hurricane).” All in all, Outstrider is an outstanding release that should satisfy all fans of the genre.

Dread Reaver

Abbath’s demonic imagination runs wild through these songs like blood on steel. The band explodes out of the gates with Acid Haze, an explosive Black Metal extravaganza with scorching riffs provided by Ole and Mia’s bestial bass as well as Ukri’s infernal drumming.

Dread Reaver, the title track of Immortal’s music, is an epic metal anthem with some Motorhead influence in its chorus, yet also featuring Abbath’s classic metal influences that were ever present on Immortal. With such an intoxicating anthem for total metal mayhem.

Absent bassist Tom “King” Visnes’ departure due to differences between his beliefs and Abbath’s image, Dread Reaver cements Abbath as a top metal act. Abbath’s unique mix of blistering Speed Metal, traditional influences, and black metal creates its own sound while its unyielding force makes this album one of metal’s finest recordings.

At The Heart Of Winter

This album features some highly melodic riffs that will capture you with its catchiness and melodicism, while the clean guitars add an atmospheric tone that is commonplace among black metal songs. Overall, the entire record is fast-paced but precise guitar work separates it from amateur acts in its genre.

“Withstand the Fall of Time” perfectly illustrates the high quality of this album. With complex time signatures and a magnificent use of synthesizers, not to mention impressive drumming which gives this track its epic feel.

Immortal’s 1999 masterpiece Pure Holocaust was widely considered its pinnacle, though its release coincided with a period in black metal history when many bands began losing their direction and mystique. Sons of Northern Darkness was another great album from Immortal that year.

To War

Abbath Band from Bergen, Norway was formed following Abbath Doom Occulta (Olve Eikemo’s departure from Immortal guitarist-vocalist Abbath Doom Occulta). Devoted to modernising black metal’s traditional doom signifiers, this group mixes growling, gravel-toned vocals with vital, thrashing tempos and pulverising riffage for an emotional impactful soundscape. From 2015, when Abbath Doom Occulta had left Immortal guitarist-vocalist Abbath Doom Occulta had left this album unreleased since 2015 (Olve Eikemo left), this record marks their debut effort after Eikemo left.

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