Helium – Peter Sagar’s Second Album Under the Weather

Peter Sagar, best known for playing guitar for Mac DeMarco and later the Homeshake Band, returns with another album released under their moniker Helium, this time taking on more sultry, dark sounds.

Former tour guitarist Andrew Weeden has transitioned away from his signature sound of droning guitar music for R&B with an infectious soundscape.

What is Homeshake Band?

Homeshake Band is the musical project of Peter Sagar, an Edmonton expat living in Montreal. Sagar toured as guitarist with Mac DeMarco before releasing two cassettes before debuting his LP “In the Shower”.

His style is known as bedroom pop and fits within the new trend of slacker lo-fi rock popular among Gen Z children. This genre often depicts struggles between freedom and isolation with lyrics often featuring references to smoking pot or being lazy as its focus.

Helium’s sound is groggy, with a beat that fits nicely for either an early Sunday morning haze or for drifting off to sleep. Additionally, its synthesizer sounds hint at space travel or cosmic explorations. On Helium, Sagar brought on Jerry Paper producer Lucas Nathan to help produce, which enabled him to switch up his previous digital production for more analog touches that initially attracted fans to his work.

Who are the members of Homeshake Band?

Peter Sagar of Edmonton now residing in Montreal has created Homeshake Band as his musical project. A former touring guitarist for Mac DeMarco, Peter has established a successful solo career by releasing subdued, indie compositions under his own moniker. After many years on tour and his latest release Under the Weather depicting depression and loneliness.

He can also be heard singing several tracks such as the melodic “Cash Is Money,” with its vocal distortion providing him a helium-like tone. Throughout the performance he makes frequent references to his relationship with his girlfriend as well as appreciation of simple pleasures like dinner or midnight snacks.

Homeshake Band, a new wave of Canadian indie rock that draws heavily from nineties slacker music, are set to play several Valentine’s Day shows this year – visit their website for more information! The songs by this indie group evoke feelings of laid-back romance and yearning for intimacy – making them extremely popular with millennials.

What is Homeshake Band’s style of music?

Homeshake is the stage name of Montreal-based musician Peter Sagar. After touring guitarist for Mac DeMarco for several years prior to deciding to pursue his own project in 2013, In the Shower became his debut release as Homeshake with heavy guitar riffs and an R&B influence that immediately made it identifiable as Homeshake.

With each album that Sagar released, his style gradually evolved from his familiar surf rock guitar sound into more dreamy R&B-influenced compositions. Helium expands on this aesthetic territory further, creating a relaxing yet contemplative listening experience reminiscent of sonic hygge.

Homeshake’s music may be more laid back than some of the newer Bedroom Pop artists who have come into prominence recently, yet still stands out within its genre. At live shows, his groovy guitar riffs and monotone, almost bored voice create a relaxing yet endearing ambiance for listeners – creating truly unforgettable shows!

What is Homeshake Band’s sound like?

Homeshake Band‘s music draws upon elements from indie rock and slacker rock genres. Peter Sagar embodies these genres through his falsetto singing voice and relaxed melodies; his stage presence engages fans and keeps them invested.

Peter stands out among lo-fi artists with his distinct sound. His signature synth consists of two square wave oscillators running through long filter modulation with low frequency cut and variable LFO vibrato settings for achieving his desired sound.

On his fourth album, Helium, Homeshake showcases an eclectic range of sounds and beats. Songs like “Fresh Air” combine alternative electronic sounds with everyday sounds such as wind rushing past windows or voices speaking in the background – creating a well-rounded album with great cohesion. He also employs different vocal styles for each song adding depth to the overall sound – while Homeshake provides soothing and relaxing sounds to help listeners relax.