DannyLux Singer Opens For Coldplay

DannyLux Singer of Desert Hot Springs had long dreamed of opening for Coldplay on their Mexico tour and shared his experience with us.

Young musician from Palm Springs was set on his musical path when his father, a garbage collector, brought home an unwanted guitar found abandoned by someone.

Psychedelic Corridos

Psychedelic music made an impressive comeback to Latin America in 2021 with atmospheric masterpieces by Spain’s Unidad y Armonia, Brazil’s Glue Trip and Mexico’s Daniel Quien – not forgetting sad sierreno sensation DannyLux Singer from Palm Springs who embraced this genre with singles such as “Tristeza y Traicion” and “Dueno De Tu Amor.”

Emerging artist Anthony Gonzalez creates music that embodies both his Mexican and American heritage, with sound that alternates between joyful and heartrending. For instance, on his ‘Love/3’ EP he incorporates both psychedelic intros and traditional corrido chords to craft an emotive experience.

DannyLux has once again put his heart out there with his latest release ‘Perdido En Ti’. He meticulously details a relationship from its initial flirty phase through to its painful conclusion while weaving club-friendly beats, dancehall, reggae and psychedelic rock influences into an emotionally charged mix that transcends tumbado – for instance “Maldito Alcohol”, an emotional song wherein DannyLux sings about drowning his sorrows with alcohol.

Alternative Corridos

DannyLux draws upon traditional corrido narratives while updating them for modern listeners, producing soulful lyrics rich with storytelling about love and life, combined with his signature laidback requinto guitar playing style and chord choices – as evidenced by Armado in their breakthrough collaboration “Jugaste Y Sufri”.

As he begins a new chapter, this rising star attributes his success to divine timing. He was chosen as an opening act on Coldplay’s extended Mexican tour and now signed with Warner Music Latina.

Desert Hot Springs-born artist Brandon Vereen’s career continues to thrive as he makes his Coachella debut this year, joining artists like 2Deep and Jay Roxxx for a set. This festival that was so important in his childhood now serves as an affirmation.

Corrido Narratives

DannyLux (Danny Luxury), as the son of Mexican-American parents, has been exposed to various musical influences that have informed his musical style and sensibility. Applying these experiences, DannyLux is reinventing corridos with an alternative sierreno sound.

His genre-defying music reflects both his multi-cultural upbringing and vibrant Latin scene. From creating waves on TikTok to working with Eslabon Armado and opening for Coldplay, this musician is on an upward trajectory.

Young singer Abelardo Castro leads an emerging wave of musicians on both sides of the border who are reinventing corridos and sierreno music for an international audience. From using an abandoned guitar his father found at an auction to creating an eclectic album collection featuring everything from breakup songs (Jugaste y Sufri) to his signature psychedelic love songs (DLux), Abelardo has set himself apart as a rising talent redefining corridos and sierreno music with Perdido En Ti, his sophomore full length release that explores all stages of love.

Corrido Inspiration

DannyLux Singer began his musical journey when he was only seven years old in California. It all started when he discovered a second-hand guitar lying around after it had been abandoned by another. Soon thereafter he adopted it for himself and made it his signature sound; having grown up listening to traditional Mexican and classic American rock music, his melodies quickly found their way into our hearts.

TikTok recordings by DannyLux caught the attention of Pedro Tovar, lead singer of regional Mexican band Eslabon Armado. Tovar invited DannyLux to make his debut album with them in 2021 with their song “Jugaste y Sufri,” blending Eslabon Armado’s sierreno style and DannyLux’s soft rock into one song that earned them top billing on Billboard Latin Songwriter chart – even beating out reggaeton superstars Ozuna and Bad Bunny!

DannyLux has made waves within corrido’s new generation with two EPs and an album under his belt, and continues to prove his talent by reaching across cultural borders to reach new audiences of all demographics with his music.