Oliver Hazard Band – A Tribute to Small-Town Americana

Oliver Hazard Band are three indie-folk songwriters from Waterville, Ohio who compose folk songs that evoke Americana that is often romanticized–namely small towns near rivers like Maumee where unvarnished love, bitter outcomes and hometown grit are abundant. Oliver Hazard band’s music captures this spirit while adding their own creative twist that keeps audiences coming back even in smaller venues!

Michael Belazis, Griffin McCulloch, and Devin East met when each was returning home after traveling or working during their respective summer careers. Once back together they started writing songs together; winning a Facebook raffle to record one song turned into recording all 10 and creating their debut album: 34 N River.

Since then, the band has continued its evolution while staying true to their small-town roots. They have amassed an impressive following on Spotify (1.4 million listeners) and toured with artists like Mt. Joy and The 502s, while hosting an annual music festival known as Oliver Hazard Day in their hometown every August. Furthermore, community building efforts include something known as The Living Room Tour where fans host small shows in their homes for small crowds.

Oliver Hazard will join forces with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra for an exclusive one-night performance at Valentine Theatre to commemorate their new self-titled album release on June 7th, featuring works from their recent record including their newly-released single Greanadine as well as classics from 34 N River, The Flood and Northern Lights albums. Music Director Alain Trudel will lead this concert featuring songs from Oliver Hazard’s most recent record including their single Greanadine as well as older albums like 34 N River, The Flood and Northern Lights albums among many more! On June 8th they join Toledo Symphony Orchestra Music Director Alain Trudel in an intimate one night only performance to commemorate their new self-titled record release alongside 34 N River and The Flood/Northern Lights performances featuring classic works such as 34 N River/The Flood/Northern Lights and more!

As well as their collaboration with the Symphony, this spring and summer will also see Houndmouth embarking on several headlining tours, opening for them and hosting their annual music festival in Waterville with local acts as well as their very own themed IPA!

Oliver Hazard’s music is harmonic, haunting and at once ambitious and surprising. Their progressive folk-rock blends an ageless sound with contemporary influences to take this genre on an exciting journey while remaining true to its roots – making for an album which will resonate deeply in fans hearts and minds due to its beauty and simplicity. You won’t want to miss seeing Oliver Hazard perform live! They aren’t afraid of taking risks either – the results speak for themselves on this album from their third record! You won’t want to miss it!