Randy Feltface

Randy Feltface is an unsavory existentialist puppet created by Australian comedian Heath McIvor. With an avid following around the world and regular appearances at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, his popularity continues to rise worldwide. Over his career, Randy Feltface has written and performed one-man shows that critique modern culture while deconstructing culturally religious belief systems; additionally he occasionally joins Sammy J as comedy duo Sammy & Randy to deliver shows.

His humor is often observational and often self-deprecatory, in which he critiques himself and discusses his failures. Frequently he will refer to being a puppet and thus being unable to see his audience, though on occasion he has broken the fourth wall by directly addressing them during shows.

Over his career, he has made numerous television appearances and was nominated for Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s Best Comedy Act award. Additionally, he was featured on NBC’s Bring the Funny show as well as numerous comedy festivals across the globe.

He excels at mocking the absurdities of modern life by exploiting loopholes in social norms or legal procedures, such as taking advantage of Australians being barred from running for president due to being puppets (he explained this fact on his show Randy is Sober). For instance, only US citizens are legally eligible to run and Randy couldn’t due to being Australian).

He is an outspoken critic of celebrity culture, often making fun of how they live their lives. Additionally, he likes to parody popular apps such as Photo Booth by using it to spy on people while they’re away from their computer or upstaging his friends in real life with fake footage while they’re out and about or at work.

Although he’s a writer, he tends to be an immense procrastinator. At TEDx Melbourne conference he demonstrated this with an entire show dedicated to it; another show discussed his inability to finish books due to procrastination!

He uses humor to highlight his shortcomings and weaknesses, which makes him seem more relatable and human to audiences. A master of self-deprecation and humor, his acts have become ever more humorous with time – this unique and talented comedian should definitely not be missed!