Sebastian Bach – Singer and Actor

Sebastian Bach has made his mark in the music industry through both bands and solo efforts, most notably as lead vocalist of heavy metal band Skid Row. His career spans over 30 years, as he still performs as both singer and actor.

Canadian-American musician Sebastian Bach has sold more than 20 million records worldwide both as part of Skid Row and on his own as an artist. As well as performing music, Bach has also appeared in multiple TV shows and Broadway productions, such as Gilmore Girls for five consecutive seasons as a regular player as well as roles in Trailer Park Boys among many others.

Bach began his musical journey at an early age. Starting out singing in Kid Wikkid at 14 was just the start; eventually the band disbanded, and he started performing weddings where he met members from Skid Row, who were so impressed with his performance they invited him to join their band!

After his debut album with Skid Row was released in 1989, Bach released additional albums with them before leaving to form his own solo project and release Bring ‘Em Bach Alive in 1997 – followed by Forever Wild in 2004 and Angel Down in 2007. Additionally, Bach joined Guns N’ Roses on their Chinese Democracy tour after reconciling with them.

With a long career spanning rock music and three solo albums to his credit – What Do I Got to Lose?, which was released this Thursday – Bach has produced many hit songs over his long and fruitful musical career. These collaborations include Orianthi (Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson) and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash).

Former Skid Row frontman Skid Row also enjoys an acting career that includes roles on television shows such as Gilmore Girls and Trailer Park Boys. In 2006, he took part in VH1 show SuperGroup alongside musicians Ted Nugent, Scott Ian and Evan Seinfeld.

Singer Tony Bennett reportedly estimated to be worth approximately $11 Million. His assets include real estate in both the U.S. and Canada, classic cars collection, as well as Broadway performances like Jekyll & Hyde and Jesus Christ Superstar as well as guest appearances on numerous popular TV shows over the last decade.