Footloose the Musical

If you enjoyed Kevin Bacon’s 1984 film of the same name, then you will enjoy this lively production filled with incredible dancing and singing performances by an excellent cast. Not to be missed on your visit to Simi Valley!

Ren McCormack moves with his mother after their father abandons them to Bomont, a small town known for having laws against dancing he wants to change. Soon enough he discovers he’s not the only one wanting to break these laws by dancing; thus leading a revolution to overturn these regulations and open up Bomont for dancing!

Footloose the Musical is an award-winning Broadway show inspired by the 1984 movie of the same name. Featuring its original book and music as well as eight additional songs including classics “Almost Paradise”, “Let’s Hear It for the Boy”, and the title track. By uniting dynamic new songs with powerful Oscar-nominated hits from its soundtrack, this production celebrates youth exhilaration alongside listening.

This high-energy musical is an immersive journey through self-discovery, full of energetic dancing and singing that will transport audiences back to simpler times when shoes were required to enter a house. With an outstanding cast comprised of teens and young adults as well as some truly classic musical theatre songs written specifically for this production.

Although this show draws heavily from its source material, it remains an enjoyable production that leaves audiences with some thought-provoking takeaways about community and how dance benefits everyone involved. Plus, it makes an excellent opportunity to bring friends along!

As someone skeptical of live theater productions in general, I was slightly wary about seeing the Footloose production in Toronto. At first it appeared like it would be another effort at trying to lure in middle-American Stepford audiences with loud noise and overproduced high school-esque banter, lighting directly into my eyes, and loud noise levels that overpower any sense of atmosphere or reality in films like Footloose; but I was delighted by just how much I enjoyed this version of a classic film!

Amy Marie McCleary directed and choreographed an excellent production. Additionally, the use of space on stage was well utilized: many scenes were created on one set allowing for quick changes between settings without going from one scene to the next – creating the sense that you were experiencing different settings rather than revisiting just one environment over and over.

Costumes, lighting, sound design and video wall were all outstanding as well. I particularly appreciated how video wall was used to create larger sets that didn’t fit on stage and create an enjoyable atmosphere. I am thankful to have experienced this production and hope you do too. So get your tickets today for an entertaining musical!