Billy Idol: Dancing With Myself

Billy Idol, one of the iconic musical figures who led punk rock into mainstream pop and was one of MTV’s founding stars, remains an indelible musical legend. Dancing With Myself is his long-awaited memoir which brings key events from his extraordinary career alive with all their in-your-face attitude and exuberance that his fans have come to adore.

Billy Idol grew up in Goring, an Oxford suburb in England. As a boy he enjoyed hanging out with friends and getting into trouble; passing his 11 plus exam and enrolling at Sussex University before dropping out to found the Bromley Contingent of Sex Pistols instead. An instructor’s notation that read “Billy Is Idle” inspired his stage name; though it would eventually be changed slightly so as not to cause confusion with Eric Idle of Monty Python fame.

After founding Generation X and releasing an eponymous debut album in 1978, Idol embarked on a solo career. He relocated to New York City in 1981, linking with Kiss manager Bill Aucoin who helped secure him a recording contract with Chrysalis Records and teaming with guitarist Steve Stevens to craft a signature sound that brought together half a century of rock history in an artistic yet original noise that quickly became his trademark sound.

In the 1980s, Idol achieved international renown through his multiple platinum albums and sold-out concerts around the globe. He graced Time Magazine and Rolling Stone’s US version that year; also making movie appearances; originally being chosen to portray T-1000 for Terminator 2: Judgment Day before an injury rendered him secondary casting choice – although an appearance as T-1000 may have happened at some point had an injury prevented that from occurring.

Idol remains active touring his band across major cities and performing live, while also expanding his fan base through live recordings. His recent release Kings & Queens of the Underground showcases Idol at his most mature; drawing upon his roots while adding modern elements. Idol achieves true rock icon status through this stunning achievement which embraces aggression with subtlety, rhythm with romance and roar with charm – truly an outstanding success that cements his position. Currently living in Los Angeles with his two children (son Willem Wolf; daughter Bonnie Blue; two grandchildren are present).