Abbath Band Releases New Album – Outstrider

After emerging unscathed from his former bandmates’ decision to cut him loose from Immortal, Abbath is back with a new lineup and record titled Outstrider which contains more of his signature dark riffs and frosty worldview that made him such a well-known face in Norwegian black metal circles.

Harvest Pyre is the band‘s debut track and features menacing skull-rattling riffs and incoherent lyrics about fire and (we hope) agriculture. Guitarist Ole Farstad plays an impressive blues solo midway through, while Mia Wallace (does she share a name with Pulp Fiction character Mia Wallace?) and drummer Ukri Suvilehto lock into an Immortal-like groove like they have done since forever. Additionally, “Cauldron of Blood,” an instrumental meditation on war and bloodshed also appears on this album as bonus track!

Abbath has long been recognized for his gifted compositional abilities, and this album proves no exception. If there’s one fault here it would be that too much reliance is placed on a few core riffs which may become repetitive after repeated plays; still that’s just a minor complaint.

This album is definitely worthy of your consideration if you enjoy black metal music. Their soundscape is vast, while Abbath’s vocals evoke feelings of cold devastation with every line he speaks. Additionally, their dark yet brutal riffs feature natural sounds which help highlight their raw nature.

Production-wise, this album’s production stands out with its clarity that allows its riffs to stand out against noise and deliver an intense experience. Mike Fraser – known for mastering for numerous heavy metal artists – did an outstanding job mastering this record, which adds an extra power and dimension that make this record truly outstanding from its peers in black metal music.

Outstrider is an impressive follow up to Abbath’s 2009 All Shall Fall release, pleasing fans of Immortal as well as those wondering whether the band may have run out of ideas. Abbath has assembled an outstanding band to carry his legacy forward, creating an enjoyable record that should keep fans coming back for more!