Copa America 2010

The Copa America is one of the oldest international football tournaments. While its early structure veered off course, since 1993 its structure has remained fairly consistent. Originally held annually but now held every two or four years and featuring either only two teams per group or an eight-team knockout stage as needed.

Since 1993, CONMEBOL tournaments have hosted teams from outside its confederations on numerous occasions. Mexico have featured regularly since they rejoined in 1993 while Japan and Qatar were regular invitees; most recently the United States made their comeback after being absent since 2007. This year will mark their return with more teams from outside their own confederation having joined since 1993 – Mexico will again feature alongside Japan, Qatar and Japan joining for this edition – this time after being absent since 2007.

Guest participants tend to add padding and viewer numbers before quickly departing – however some have managed to defy expectations by reaching the quarterfinals – for example Honduras and Costa Rica made the last eight in 2001!

Though not exclusively, teams from outside CONMEBOL have diminished the prestige of this tournament, its weakness can also be traced to its use of weak guest participants combined with regular rejections of invitations from leading clubs on the continent – leading to it appearing weak and desperate; creating the appearance that it should be at the pinnacle of international footballing history rather than looking desperate or cheapening its reputation.

That is especially galling when there are so many high-caliber teams available to take their place. For instance, the USMNT have the chance to prove they belong in Group C when they take on Venezuela, Ecuador and Jamaica in their opening three matches of Group C.

Colombia are one of the fastest rising teams, boasting an exciting young squad anchored by Folarin Balogun and Ricardo Pepi from Premier League clubs like Chelsea. Meanwhile Ecuador are among the most physical teams on the continent while Jamaica can make life tough for any team participating in this tournament.

Brazil and Argentina both possess strong chances of claiming another championship at this tournament, although Argentina are clear favorites as they’ve already taken three wins so far.