Jelly Roll Rapper

Jelly Roll Rapper has made waves in both hip hop and country music genres with his distinct musical style, working alongside many rappers to garner his fan base. Open about his past struggles with addiction and legal matters, Jelly Roll has used these experiences to assist others on their journeys.

Jelly Roll is Jason DeFord by birth; however, when he began recording music as a teenager he took on the name Jelly Roll for performance purposes. His mother gave him this nickname due to being “chubby kid.” Throughout his life experiences have inspired Jelly Roll to pen powerful lyrics and melodies; using them to help guide individuals onto their respective paths or give back to his local community through his songs.

Jelly Roll is well-known in the rap scene, yet recently explored new territory by releasing his debut country song: Son of a Sinner – an ode to his past and a call-out to those seeking comfort and encouragement from him. It quickly rose to No.1 on country charts and received much acclaim by both fans and critics.

He has also been an active part of Nashville’s community, participating in many charitable events and projects. For example, in 2021 he collaborated with Tech N9ne and other Nashville artists on organizing the N9ne for Life charity golf classic that helped raise money for families affected by opioid overdoses and deaths related to these drug treatments.

Since then, Jelly Roll has used his music as an outreach effort and to encourage those in his community. Additionally, he’s been working on his first full-fledged country project; for which he collaborates with various artists like Haystak and Lil Wyte. Furthermore, Jelly Roll has collaborated closely with Bailee himself – who herself is quickly rising as a rising country star!

Jelly Roll has also been keeping himself busy outside his musical projects with family matters. Born in 2016, Noah Buddy DeFord is his son whom the rapper doesn’t discuss nearly as often; though photos may exist online showing the two together. Additionally, Jelly Roll can often be found performing alongside his daughter at various shows and often performs alongside her onstage; often engaging with fans during shows by engaging and joking with them onstage and being part of the crowd! He has become very supportive of her success.