DannyLux Singer-Songwriter – evoLUXion

DannyLux is an innovative singer exploring a diverse musical repertoire through the lens of his dual Mexican-American heritage. From making waves on TikTok to working with regional Mexican group Eslabon Armado and opening for Coldplay, the 19-year-old from Palm Springs, California has already amassed quite a resume.

DannyLux began learning guitar at age seven under the instruction of a family friend and quickly established himself in music. His tender lyricism draws influence from corrido and regional Mexican folk ballads to hit heartstricken listeners with emotive songs inspired by corrido music as well as regional Mexican folk ballads. DannyLux also plays Chicano rock music that blends traditional Mexican songs with soft rock sounds for an innovative modern sounding genre.

As a high school senior, DannyLux gained fame on TikTok with his corrido-influenced songs that went viral, earning thousands of likes and millions of plays. Soon thereafter he signed with Warner Music Latina and released his full-length debut evoLUXion album.

On DLux, teen singer-songwriter DLux sings of being completely besotted with one particular woman; an idea explored on all 10 tracks. From “My Home”, featuring Venezuelan indie-pop artist Maye, to jazz-corrido fusion tracks like “Ciudad del Sol,” his dreamy fantasies are told with grace and elegance.

DannyLux puts himself out there on “Perdido en Ti,” his album’s title track. Reimagining corrido traditions, this slick song tells a heart-wrenching tale of lost love; while DannyLux beseeches her to return with melodic drawl.

His emotive songs have earned him recognition from Bad Bunny, Ozuna, and Luis Fonsi among other artists on Billboard’s Reggaeton chart for weeks at a time. Additionally, “Jugaste y Sufri,” his collaboration with Eslabon Armado that features sierreno-influenced reimaginations of classic rock ballad “Juggaste y Sufri,” also reached #1 on Billboard.

DannyLux’s music can be difficult to categorize; its style amorphs effortlessly between different sonics, incorporating influences such as Pink Floyd, Eagles and Beatles into one flowing stream of melancholic sierreno pieces. DannyLux’s contemporary arrangements bring new life into this genre and ensure it remains relevant in today’s marketplace.

Palm Springs native and Red Pears member Joe Sacco will embark on his latest musical adventure – touring Los Angeles where they’ll perform at the Greek Theatre with Interpol and another Southern California act, the Red Pears. For Joe, this tour marks an opportunity to shine bright in his home city while simultaneously honoring those who have always stood by him: his parents who have always provided strong support as he developed as an artist.