The JMSN Singer Is a Man of Many Talents

JMSN (real name Christian Andrew Berishaj), is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and singer hailing from Detroit. After performing for more than a decade, Berishaj also proves his mettle by producing, recording engineer, mixing engineer and mixer work. Berishaj’s latest album Whatever Makes U Happy shows how in control his craft truly is; he wrote, produced, engineered and mixed it all himself as well as directed music videos himself! Berishaj boasts millions in streaming numbers with Kendrick Lamar and Kaytranada tracks featuring his songs while remaining independent artist running his own label!

Berishaj first emerged on the scene with his 2012 debut Priscilla, to critical acclaim from both media outlets and his artistic peers. While producing for other artists (he can be heard producing Ab-Soul’s “Nibiru”) and working as a producer with Good Kid M.A.A.D City among many others; Berishaj found his own voice through 2014 with Pllaje EP and its shift toward R&B sound that began yielding fruitful results within music industry.

However, his initial joy at being thrust into the public spotlight quickly dissipated as his career picked up steam. Soon enough he discovered that public scrutiny had an adverse impact on his creative processes; media often looked upon his work through an objective lens of celebrity glitz and glamour and repeated questions were frequently posed to him about Unit 6 or working with Kendrick Lamar.

It’s not hard to understand why the focus shifted away from what was happening in his studio to the events taking place behind-the-scenes. Journalists are always on the lookout for newsworthy stories, and when an artist’s live performances don’t match up to his recorded material or if their next project doesn’t boast as ambitious musical goals as before it can create quite a stir in terms of negative press coverage.

Detroit native Jay Jay remains true to himself despite pressure, creating an engaging atmosphere on his new album where soulful R&B melodies meet alternative production techniques for an emotional experience that leaves listeners wanting more long after it ends.