Oliver Hazard Band

Oliver Hazard Band is one of those musicians you’ll immediately fall in love with when listening to them for the first time. Their music is deeply emotive, their lyrics perfectly encapsulating human experience. With each release they push the limits of Folk Rock further – no exception for their latest single, which blends soft instrumentals with soothing harmonies for an experience folk enthusiasts will adore. Lyrically as well, as this tune depicts fear and strength needed when embarking upon relationships.

Oliver Hazard is an indie folk trio from Waterville, OH led by Michael Belazis, Griffin McCulloch and Devin East. Their story can be best explained as an online version of classic band mythos; three friends met after Mike returned home from leading camping trips in California and asked his two hometown friends for assistance in writing songs in his kitchen. Through winning a Facebook raffle for studio time they recorded 34 N River as their debut LP in one sitting; this release garnered them millions of streams as well as slots at Bonnaroo and Mountain Jam festivals!

The trio has continued to build on this grassroots story by opening for bands such as Mt. Joy, The Band Perry, America and The War & Treaty while hosting their own annual music festival in Waterville. To give fans more of an in-person experience of the band they have initiated a tour called the Living Room Tour; where fans can submit applications through their website to host them in their homes for shows of 50 people or less and retain all proceeds from ticket sales for that performance – much like coffeehouse performances which also allows all proceeds back into their collective coffers!

Oliver Hazard Day is an annual music festival hosted by the band that brings artists from around the country together with locally produced craft beer for an evening of amazing live music and craft beer brewed on site. Oliver Hazard Day provides them with a platform to give back to Waterville after all it has done for them! This gives the band a way to honor its roots while giving back to a town which has provided so much support and celebrate roots alongside community.

If you want to see Oliver Hazard perform live, they are currently on tour with Houndmouth and returning home this summer for Oliver Hazard Day, their annual music festival that benefits their local community. Don’t miss this exciting show – check out Oliver Hazard’s website or Spotify playlists for details.