Randy Feltface – Australian Puppet Comedian

Randy Feltface, better known by his nickname of just Randy, has made quite an impression in comedy circles around the world. His fame can be found at Edinburgh Fringe Festival where his performances sold out; audiences worldwide also love watching his shows as part of Sammy J and Randy, voiced and puppeted by Heath McIvor.

Randy’s comedy typically revolves around making absurd claims about himself and the way he interacts with people, often embellishing these accounts to fit the narrative. Randy often fabricates stories regarding his sexual history or relationships with other performers – in other words, making up tales about them! In addition to being an amazing comedian, Randy Feltface is also an accomplished actor and musician.

He has appeared on television show Good News World and numerous sketch shows on Australian radio, as well as creating and performing his own comedic content; writing and performing many full length solo stand up shows himself; as well as co-creating musical comedy shows with Sammy J including Ricketts Lane and Bin Night (for which they won an award).

Randy Feltface also performs alongside Sammy J as part of Australian comedy duo Sammy J and Randy. Together they have debuted two full-length shows at Melbourne International Comedy Festival; Ricketts Lane won them the Barry Award and earned them an appearance at Sydney Opera House; their second show Bin Night was critically and commercially well received; both shows received Sydney Opera House performances as well. Furthermore, Sammy J and Randy have appeared on various Australian television programs like Q&A and Good News World.

These two have produced various music videos and short films together, many of which can be found on the popular comedy site Funny or Die.

While most of his stories revolve around Randy’s romantic misadventures, Feltopia offers him the chance to poke fun at inconsistencies and absurdities within his life. For instance, in one episode, Randy jokes about running for president in 2024 despite America’s constitution only permitting citizens to run; his logic being that some parts of his body were made here!

There are other recurring jokes in Randy’s act which address his overblown sense of self-importance, naivete and gullibility. For instance, he often makes subtle digs at how much money he earns for performances and how he could rip off other comedians more easily if only he were rich enough. Furthermore, during one bit he describes accidentally running over his date’s guinea pig without killing it because as a vegan he cannot stand to see animals suffer; later stomping hard while telling stories or being distracted by shiny objects in the audience.