Sebastian Bach Singer

Sebastian Bach is an iconic Canadian singer best known as the lead vocalist of rock band Skid Row and for selling over 20 million records worldwide. Additionally, Bach has made appearances as film actor, Broadway performer, reality TV contestant and reality show contestant; earning multiple awards and nominations along the way. Bach boasts an estimated net worth of over $11 Million while living both New Jersey and Toronto homes as well as being an avid car collector.

He grew up in a family with an extensive musical background; both his parents were organists. This nurtured his musical gifts. Beginning music lessons when he was 15, and writing songs during that period. Joining Kid Wikkid for some minor success before eventually becoming part of Skid Row in 1980 which went on to release several hit singles and become a massive concert draw.

After Skid Row split up in 1996, Bach embarked on his solo career. In 1997 he released Bring ‘Em Bach Alive and in 2007 Angel Down as his debut albums; additionally he has appeared regularly on Trailer Park Boys series as a regular. Additionally he has provided voice-over work for both SpongeBob SquarePants and Robot Chicken animated shows.

Bach shows his light-hearted side during his concerts, often making jokes at his former bandmates in Skid Row and warning fans not to throw any more plastic bottles or cans onto the stage, yet this didn’t deter them from throwing beer cans, bottles, and baby bottles at him during his rendition of SKID ROW’s Youth Gone Wild song.

At another show, he brought onstage a giant inflatable rabbit and began dancing around with it, delighting and captivating audiences alike. Additionally, he has appeared on television programs like Gilmore Girls and Trailer Park Boys.

On an episode of Supergroup, Bach was persuaded to give up drinking by Ted Nugent who threatened him if he ever indulged again. Since then he has made multiple television appearances including VH1 Reality show The Celebrity Rehab Experience.

Bach may have been eliminated in Group C on The Masked Singer, but has continued his performances and recording projects. In 2024, Reigning Phoenix Music will be released and tour dates announced soon thereafter. Tune into The Masked Singer every Tuesday night from 10 PM ET/PT for more performances by these groups! To stay up-to-date with celebrity gossip and show recaps sign up for Entertainment Weekly’s daily newsletter; we deliver it right to your inbox. To watch full episodes of The Masked Singer visit ABC’s official website or follow us socially. See you next Tuesday!