Los Temerarios

Los Temerarios are a beloved Mexican band known for fusing modern Latin rhythms with traditional Mexican styles like ranchera, nortena and mariachi music. Since the 1980s they have been creating memorable hits that have made them one of the most acclaimed bands on the Mexican music scene. Based in Fresnillo Zacatecas they boast an audience that spans generations while their energetic live performances bring passion and energy that fans cannot get enough of!

Adolfo Angel was founded as a family band in 1977 by brothers Adolfo and Gustavo Angel, along with Fernando as their cousins. They would practice secretly in a rehearsal room their father rented out to other bands; quickly garnering an impressive fan base. By 1983 they signed with CBS Mexico to release their debut album; which sold well into sales charts across Mexico. Their unique sound and branding helped ensure the group maintained popularity over time.

As well as their musical talents, the group has also developed an invaluable business sense that has played a critical role in their financial success. Diversifying income streams and investing wisely has allowed them to weather financial storms that have hit other established acts – not to mention adapting quickly to changing market conditions so as to remain at the top of Latin music industry.

Otra Vez’s music may alienate fans from both rootsy regional Mexican and sugary pop genres, yet their unique sound has helped ensure radio presence since the 1980s. Their hits include 1992’s Mi Vida Eres Tu, En La Madrugada Se Fue (No.1 Hot Latin Songs chart-topper) and Una Lagrima No Basta from this year – just to name a few!

Los Temerarios have established an extremely loyal fan base over time, which has contributed to ticket sales. Their limited tour availability creates an aura of exclusivity among fans that makes their concerts highly sought-after events. Their music also holds considerable cultural relevance for Mexican-American communities in the US – further driving demand.

Allstate Arena (capacity 18,500), just minutes from Rosemont Theater where they last appeared in 2019, will provide Temerarios with an opportunity to further develop their musical chemistry and connect with their fans, who have already expressed great anticipation about seeing them perform live. Get your tickets today to experience an unforgettable evening of Mexican Grupero music – Viva Temerarios!