Los Temerarios Breakup

Los Temerarios are more than just a band; they offer an experience. With captivating performances and timeless music that has won them an army of fans worldwide, Los Temerarios’ appeal continues to build as fans eagerly anticipate news about new music releases, tour schedules and exclusive behind-the-scenes content from them.

Gustavo and Adolfo Angel, brothers who had performed together for more than 45 years as part of an iconic Mexican romantic music group, sent out shockwaves across fan bases and music industry alike with their announcement of separation via social media posts explaining their decision.

Los Temerario are one of the premier Latin music bands, best-known for their emotive romantic ballads and orchestral arrangements. Combining traditional instruments with contemporary synthesizers to produce their signature sound. Established in Fresnillo, Zacatecas Mexico in 1977.

Even though the group disbanded in the early ’90s, their legacy still lives on through classic songs such as La Mujer que Sone and Una Lastima No Basta which remain beloved classics today. Additionally, many iconic musicians from this band appeared in movies and TV shows like El Secreto de la Bruja as actors or musicians.

They have won multiple awards and nominations and sold more than 45 million albums, earning a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame and being inducted into the Museum of Contemporary Mexican Art’s Hall of Fame. Additionally, Marc Anthony Foundation and Orange Laces Scholarship support various causes through which they dedicate time and efforts philanthropically.

Last release was a live album recorded at Mexico City‘s Palacio de Bellas Artes and featuring their biggest hits – it was met with great acclaim both from fans and critics alike. “Como Te Recuerdo”, for instance, shows their talent for writing emotive ballads with its combination of acoustic guitars, strings and an emotional tenor solo that addresses loss of love as well as pain associated with its loss.

Los Temerarios’ music consists of two styles, baladas and rancheras. Baladas feature women singing melodies with meaningful lyrics while rancheras feature men with dramatic, masculine themes. Grupo, in its early years, consisted primarily of sexualized pop melodies. Today however, its genre has expanded significantly and incorporates various sounds and styles; most popular groups produce songs which appeal to both young people and adults.