Monster Jam Tours Around the World

Monster Jam

Feld Entertainment constructs elaborate Monster Jam tracks featuring massive jumps and ramps to accommodate world-class driver athletes from their iconic trucks on tour around the globe. For every performance, Feld Entertainment builds elaborate tracks featuring world-class driver athletes.

Once racing and two-wheel skills competitions conclude, freestyle events take over with racing, backflipping and wheelies galore! Fans attend these shows specifically for this purpose; two minutes is given to drivers to break freestyle moves on the dirt crew through backflips and wheelies!

The trucks

Monster Jam trucks are enormous, heavy-duty vehicles designed to withstand high speeds and massive impacts, boasting distinctive paint jobs, chassis designs, and suspension systems. Drivers compete in racing or freestyle events – the winners advancing onto subsequent rounds.

Grave Digger, Max-D, El Toro Loco and Megalodon are four of the most acclaimed trucks, attracting huge crowds at every event they participate in. Each vehicle’s popularity can fluctuate based on how many races it wins and how many fans it attracts; additional gains include meet-and-greets, autograph signings and charitable activities that take place.

Fans can experience close interaction between trucks and fans at the Pit Party, an exclusive activity separate from the main show that requires purchasing an additional Pit Party ticket in addition to your event ticket. Hours and activities of this exclusive experience depend on location; in order to remain compliant with health and safety protocols set by local authorities’ guidelines.

The competitions

Safety is of utmost importance at Monster Jam events. Each venue works closely with Monster Jam to develop evacuation plans and address other safety-related matters specific to that location. Furthermore, each show floor features a “safety hold,” consisting of several rows surrounding the show floor which must remain clear during all performances.

Monster Jam competition involves three forms of competition for trucks: racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle. Racing competition is measured by time spent to complete, while freestyle and two-wheel skills competitions score each driver individually based on performance in individual competitions.

Monster Jam shows feature freestyle competition as one of the primary events, drawing both spectators and critics. Although critics claim drivers use freestyle to cause crashes and rollovers for spectators’ entertainment, an emphasis placed on using all available time has helped reduce this tendency. A new tiebreaker rule has also provided relief to this effect.

The fans

Monster Jam fans are an essential component to its continued growth and success. Fans like Julie Cohen from Chicago – who brought her 11-year-old son Benjamin along to an event recently – express how much they enjoy seeing Monster Jam trucks speed through an obstacle-filled track at full throttle!

Monster Jam operates both arena and stadium shows as well as an official competitive season that begins each January and concludes with its World Finals each May, as well as exhibition events taking place all through summer and fall. All series operations are managed out of Feld Entertainment’s facility in Palmetto, Florida which Dalsing refers to as being “the largest motorsports shop on earth.”

Employees at the company handle everything from choreographing truck entry and exit in hot pits to managing cold pits with trailers for independent teams. In addition, there’s a massive warehouse where each show’s fleet of trucks, parts, and supplies are kept. All this work goes into keeping fans like Cohen happy!

The atmosphere

Monster Jam is an enjoyable family event and children two and under attend free as long as they sit on their parent or guardian’s lap. However, some venues require all fans aged two and up (including pre-show Pit Party tickets, Early Access passes and VIP Experience tickets ) to purchase tickets for all events, including Pit Partys, Early Access passes or VIP Experience tickets; please check your venue of interest for further details.

Unsurprisingly, you might also be shocked to discover that many truck drivers are women. Truck driving attracts female competitors just as talented and skilled as its male competitors [source: UF]. Furthermore, endurance and strength remain equal among both genders [source: UF].

Before heading out to your next Monster Jam show, set aside any preconceptions about its audience. While you might expect camo clothing and American flags in abundance, don’t make assumptions based on stereotypes; every show draws together people from diverse backgrounds.