ENHYPEN Reflects on Success


On their inaugural world tour, ENHYPEN members Jungwon, Jake, Sunghoon Jay Heeseung Sunoo and Ni-ki have taken stock of their recent successes and are reflecting upon them with pride. Hailing from South Korea Japan Australia and the U.S. respectively; each release they produce tells a part of their journey; with mini albums planned soon and another world tour lined up, the septet are set for growth and success!

ENHYPEN — affectionately dubbed by fans (known collectively as ENGENEs) as “the boys” — kicked off their FATE tour at Anaheim Honda Center with three sold-out shows in October, captivating audiences and creating an electric atmosphere that made even Texas fall weather feel like springtime!

ENHYPEN’s rise as a boyband stands out, since they did not debut on reality show I-Land as other K-pop acts do; rather, the septet began training under Big Hit Entertainment’s talent agency for BTS and Seventeen, competing weekly dance competitions to develop their dance, vocals and rapping abilities before finally competing in final rounds involving dance, vocals and rapping for final rounds competition. Jungwon, Heeseung Jake Sunghoon Sunoo Ni-ki eventually emerged as top competitors before officially being formed as ENHYPEN in November 2020.

Since their formation, BELIFT LAB have steadily climbed the charts and established themselves as one of the genre’s most promising newcomers. Furthermore, they’ve become an icon for global harmony through representing members from Korea, Japan, Australia and the US, while embodying its values through its joint venture label BELIFT LAB which operates out of Korea & Japan & CJ E&M respectively.

As they move into their next chapter, ENHYPEN are looking to craft their own sound and advance K-pop by ditching slick production and manufactured beats associated with other boybands in favor of casual swagger that feels more sincere.

That sentiment can be heard on their most recent release, the Deluxe Repackage of Dimension: Answer. “Blessed-Cursed,” its lead single from this deluxe repackage, explores the all-too-common realization that reaching one’s dreams doesn’t always come easy – an impression conveyed as they alternate between hard rock vocals from the ’70s and modern hip hop in their vocal delivery.