Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s highly-anticipated fight, set for July 20 in Dallas, Texas is quickly approaching. Since its announcement, there have been many rumors – will headgear be used? Will it be an official match or exhibition? – and these could both surprise you.

Tyson recently spoke to Fox News to address some of the confusion and uncertainty regarding their fight. He noted that it will be sanctioned as an exhibition match, so neither fighter’s professional record will count towards it, while fighting under regular boxing rules which include 16oz gloves and a headguard will also take place.

Tyson expressed great enthusiasm when asked about his thoughts on the match: “This will be a tremendous opportunity to test my skill in the ring; this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity cannot be missed!”

Tyson was widely considered one of the greatest heavyweights ever during his heyday in the 1990s. Boasting impressive strength and power, he often overpowered opponents; crushing massive men as easily as skilled professional fighters with relative ease. Tyson would approach an opponent before striking them down with one punch – almost like watching an animated movie scene!

So this fight between Paul, 27, and Tyson 57 years old could prove extremely hazardous for him, yet Paul could pull off an unexpected win if his speed and power in the ring remain undiminished.

Paul has spent the past several years striving to establish himself as a legitimate boxer. After starting off his career by beating up older MMA fighters for quick cash payouts, his focus now is building his boxing legacy. Paul recently scored first-round knockout victories over journeyman Andre August and Ryan Bourland; these fights did not garner much media coverage or public recognition.

Paul will certainly gain world attention if he can show that he can stand his ground against an elite boxer, yet Paul must do much more than this to beat someone 30 years older.

This fight promises to be an amazing matchup between two young fighters with large fan bases. It will be fascinating to witness Paul handling the pressure and injuries sustained by an older champion such as Mike Tyson. Stay tuned for more details as the date approaches!