The Savannah Bananas

Grayson Stadium in Savannah’s historic downtown features old brick buildings and Spanish moss-covered oaks, but once inside it’s time for something entirely different: The Bananas come to play baseball in a style as wild and fun as its setting – they won three consecutive championships before turning pro and continuing “Banana Ball” year round. Their players are not simply talented athletes who compete well – their enthusiasm rubs off on fans! We interviewed several Bananas players including pitcher Christian Dearman; each appeared genuinely delighted to take part in such an amazing spectacle!

Players don banana-scented uniforms and hats with their names printed on the backs, encouraging them to dance, wave flags and interact with fans – with Baana as their own personal mascot! All this makes watching this team an experience rather than just another game; ticket demand has become so great that now fans must enter a lottery lottery in order to purchase tickets!

Due to their immense popularity, getting tickets for Bananas games may take hours due to their immense fan base. Each home game sells out and college sports arenas often host college Bananas fans that rival those found with major-league clubs. National media have often compared them with Harlem Globetrotters or other barnstorming teams.

Some see this as baseball the way it should be: an effort to restore its earlier days of simpler fun. Others argue it’s just another waste of money and time on an outdated sport, although The Bananas have attempted to counter such criticism with Cole asserting that their team’s purpose goes beyond mere novelty entertainment – they strive to add something different and unique for fans while increasing professional baseball engagement with fans through new experiences and fan engagement initiatives.

Though giveaways and merchandise sales are an effective way to draw crowds to games, the Bananas go the extra mile in keeping their audience interested. A storage room off their home clubhouse has been transformed into a prop closet complete with bins containing French maid wigs as well as shark ones!

At games, the Bananas have instituted strict restrictions on mound visits and bunting; and made it a rule that any ball hit into the stands which is caught by a fan counts as out. Furthermore, they have done away with traditional inning breaks altogether by instead scoring points when either team scores while awarding bonus points for any on-field fights or dance-offs that arise.

Zack Frongillo serves as entertainment manager and his team includes video producers and marketers to develop creative new ideas. All of this comes together with an ambitious travel schedule; The Bananas have already scheduled 33 games this season alone! Plus they’ve made appearances in two cities around the country already in 2023!