Matt Rife Reschedules IU Auditorium Show

Matt Rife’s stand-up comedy career has been an integral part of his artistic development. He has used stand-up comedy as an outlet to hone his comedic timing and connect with audiences more intimately.

Rife recently made headlines for making offensive jokes about domestic violence in his new Netflix special. However, Rife continues to perform and entertain.


Matt Rife is an award-winning comedian and actor who has been entertaining audiences since he was 15 years old. His journey from high school talent shows to Hollywood is an inspiration to many; in addition, Matt enjoys boxing as well as animals.

Matt’s comedy is relatable, authentic and introspective. Drawing upon personal experience to craft his material gives it a genuine tone; while his energetic stage presence and vocal delivery help amp up its impact and make its punchlines memorable.

Rife’s talents extend far beyond stand-up comedy; he has also made appearances in both TV series and film projects. He was featured in “Wild n Out,” as well as comedy specials “Only Jokes” and “Trill AF.” These roles have garnered Rife recognition within the film industry, opening doors for further opportunities.

Stand-up comedy

Matt Rife has established himself as a successful stand-up comedian, selling out shows across North America. However, his new Netflix special, Natural Selection has drawn considerable criticism on social media from viewers and led him to postpone some shows; those who attended one at Indiana Auditorium may qualify to get their money back if desired.

The special begins with a lengthy, cringeworthy segment on children with intellectual disabilities, followed by an offensively homophobic joke about monsters in closets, then finally with an insult directed at women with large clitorises.

Many of Rife’s fans have taken issue with his recent Netflix special for its misogyny and pandering to toxic masculinity. Such criticism caught Drew Afualo’s eye as he has since seen similar comments being posted by other Rife fans on TikTok.

Social media

Matt Rife of TikTok comedy fame remains undeterred despite criticism over his Netflix special Natural Selection on November 15th, despite its debut and subsequent ranking within the top 10. Amazingly enough, Natural Selection debuted within two weeks and remains within its top ten chart position, which speaks volumes given all the controversy that ensued from it.

Rife first made his name on social media with viral videos, but since then has also appeared in multiple TV shows and hosted his own podcast. Additionally, he has performed at several major comedy festivals.

Rife’s Netflix special utilizes both old jokes and original material to delight audiences, touching upon topics like occult culture and women who collect crystals as being like Thanos collecting infinity stones.

Rife’s use of dark humor has earned her criticism from some critics, yet it can still be used effectively to engage audiences. Certain comedians are better at handling difficult themes than others.

Personal life

Matt Rife had long struggled as a comedian, switching between MTV variety shows and small roles on sitcoms such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Although he self-produced several comedy specials for MTV and smaller production companies like Comedy Central’s VH1, but it wasn’t until TikTok took off that his audience found him.

Rife’s Netflix special, Natural Selection, launched on November 15 and quickly stirred controversy. The special opens with an offensive joke about domestic violence which some viewers found offensive; Rife later issued an Instagram apology post and directed those offended by his joke to purchase special needs helmets from an online vendor.

He also discloses in the interview that he and actress Jessica Lord are currently in a relationship and talked about it on 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast in October; both were instantly “obsessed” with each other from day one and felt they had great chemistry from day one.