How Social Media Is Helping the UFC

UFC is one of the world’s most beloved fighting events, thanks to a combination of thrilling fights and innovative marketing strategies. Additionally, its appeal draws in many young people aspiring to become fighters themselves.

There are various ways you can watch UFC fights without paying for cable subscription. One such solution is Sling TV which provides access to their sports package which offers coverage of UFC fights.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an American mixed martial arts competition established in 1993 by Art Davie and Rorion Gracie, pitting fighters of different fighting styles against each other in competition. It was initially organized with eight fighters representing various combat sports competing for glory; Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner Royce Gracie emerged victorious as its most celebrated star.

McClearen notes that, at its inception, the UFC was widely considered masculine and violent – prompting many politicians to call for its banishment. Luckily, due to The Ultimate Fighter’s popularity – which featured young fighters living together while competing for contracts from UFC organizations – it quickly made inroads into mainstream culture and made an impressionful mark with many viewers.

By 2001, the UFC was facing bankruptcy when saved by Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta who purchased it for $2.1 million and established a legitimate sport while drawing elite athletes as participants.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) uses a single-elimination tournament format. Fighters win rounds by scoring points for effective striking, submissions, aggression and Octagon control (cage management). A fight ends either when one fighter knocks out or submits their opponent to end it.

Official rules of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) contain various provisions concerning round duration, referee roles, stances, equipment requirements, illegal moves, judging criteria and decision types as well as various safety measures and guidelines designed to promote fighter health and wellbeing. In addition to being the authoritative document for this sport, Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts also detail numerous safety measures as well as provide guidelines that promote fighter wellbeing.

At present, fighters are considered grounded when any part of their body, other than hands and feet, touches the ground. Unfortunately, this definition has created considerable confusion as to what constitutes being “grounded”, leading to numerous contentious fight-ending situations. Foster hopes to clarify these rules in a meeting prior to this year’s Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports conference.

Pay-per-view events

The UFC holds over 40 events each year and features some of the world’s best fighters, such as Conor McGregor (who defeated seven-time champion Anderson Silva in 2013) and Georges St-Pierre (former champions in both welterweight and middleweight divisions), to Holly Holm who recently beat Ronda Rousey to capture an inaugural bantamweight title.

Pay-per-view events are special televised fights held in an arena and broadcast at a set time, often featuring major world title fights as well as ending longstanding feuds or storylines. They represent the pinnacle of fighting events for many organizations and serve as their pinnacle moment.

Fans can catch UFC events live via ESPN+. The streaming service gives access to UFC Pay-Per-View Preliminaries as well as other marquee programming. Available across devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Chromecast and costing $5 per month it offers access through Hulu (subscribers with either an ESPN+ add-on or Disney Bundle subscription can gain free access). PPV events should not be watched without paying subscription.

Social media

UFC fighters are becoming more prominent on social media, which is helping them garner sponsorships and fans. This trend is especially evident in fighters with large followings on Instagram who can build themselves a name in martial arts culture by receiving better management that leads to more fights.

Even without live events, the company has managed to retain audience interest through content strategies. Furthermore, using new technology for an enhanced personalized experience; working with influencers to produce specific content across platforms as well as offering exclusive access to events is all part of this endeavor.

The UFC enjoys widespread support on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo, Toutiao and Douyin, thanks in large part to an innovative social media strategy employing celebrities and fighters to connect with fans and drive ticket sales.