Monster Jam – The Ultimate Motorsport Experience For Families

Monster Jam features world-class driver athletes competing with some of the most recognizable monster trucks ever assembled, all of which are designed for speed and skill with vibrant paint schemes and fun names, reaching speeds up to 125 miles per hour.

Fans can meet their favorite drivers during Monster Jam pit parties on-track. Meeting these stars of Monster Jam provides fans with an unforgettable experience.

It’s a family-friendly event

MONSTER JAM is the ultimate motorsport experience for families. This bone-crunching event brings world-renowned driver athletes and some of the most recognizable monster trucks to arenas and stadiums across the United States for head-to-head racing and freestyle competitions, featuring backflips, vertical two-wheel skills competitions and racing. These 12,000 pound machines run on methanol fuel that burns at three gallons per minute – equipped with safety features such as roll cages designed to conform to drivers’ body shapes for head-to-head racing and freestyle competitions!

Fans can get up close to massive trucks at the pre-show Pit Party, which takes place an hour prior to each event starting. It features an interactive Sand Box play area, UNOH tire demonstration, coloring and temporary tattoo station and photo op with championship trophy as well as meet drivers for autographs – sold separately from event tickets – but also an upgrade option of post show Meet and Greet with drivers for an additional fee.

It’s a great way to spend a night out

Monster Jam is an action-packed live motorsport event that includes racing, two-wheel skills competition and freestyle events. Produced by Feld Entertainment and licensed by the United States Hot Rod Association, each show typically lasts approximately two hours with an intermission lasting 15-20 minutes.

Monster truck drivers are expert athletes trained to maneuver these immense vehicles with both physical and mental strength and stamina. At each show they compete in multiple events where their performance will be scored according to a scoring system developed specifically for this show.

A highlight of any show is the freestyle competition, in which trucks race against one another while performing stunts and tricks for fans to vote on via an online score tracking website – with the one with the highest score being declared the winner of that particular freestyle event.

Monster Jam offers an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages. The atmosphere is electrifying and drivers’ skills are incredible – perfect for family outings!

It’s a lot of fun

Monster Jam is an international motorsport event featuring world-class driver athletes in iconic trucks powered by methanol fuel that can generate up to 1,500 horsepower. Events are performed on a flat, open floor surface and feature racing, two-wheel skills competitions and freestyle competitions.

Monster Jam shows are full of thrills and spills, but the star attraction of each show is undoubtedly its freestyle competition. Drivers spend two minutes (one and a half for arena shows) driving over ramps, junked cars and performing stunts and tricks on an open floor to earn points and gain entry to freestyle competition.

Monster trucks really shine during freestyle events, where they display their full capabilities by flipping over ramps and smashing through car doors. Fans go wild over such shows of force; it’s an awesome way to see these awesome machines at work.

It’s a good way to get exercise

Monster Jam not only features truck racing but also two wheeled skills challenges, a freestyle event, and slam dunk competitions for drivers to showcase their talent and boost their score overall. Each event contributes towards this event and gives drivers a chance to show their stuff!

Monster Jam’s company recognizes its passionate fan base is what keeps the show running, so they aim to ensure the show remains enjoyable and family-friendly for audiences of all ages – including by editing out references to gun violence from some trucks (Gunslinger and Metal Mulisha, for instance).

Fans are welcome to tailgate in designated areas before each show, and it is wise to pack food and drinks. Also worth considering is attending the pre-show Pit Party which allows fans to meet drivers close up while witnessing their trucks up close – it usually lasts around two hours so make sure you eat before heading out there! Bring along a clear bag as purses are not permitted inside the stadium.