Monster Jam Tour

Monster Jam

Monster Jam is an international touring event featuring monster truck racing and freestyle competition. Each show is unscripted so fans can expect unexpected excitement each time they attend one!

Drivers compete in truck racing, head-to-head racing and freestyle competition. Drivers drive their trucks over ramps or junked cars to score points from their audiences.

It’s a family-friendly sport

If you plan to attend a Monster Jam show, arrive early so that you have enough time to find your seat, use the restroom and stock up on food and beverages before the fun starts. Watch videos online of Monster Jam trucks and drivers before attending so you know which ones you want to cheer for during their Racing, Freestyle and Skills competitions.

Monster Jam events draw in an impressively wide audience. Though some may view Monster Jam events as full of camo-clad rednecks, female fans are just as enthusiastic about participating and some even compete themselves!

Brianna Mahon serves as an inspiring example. She drives Whiplash, an aqua, western-themed truck. Mahon became the first female racer ever to win a Monster Jam championship title and serves as an inspiring role model to young girls who wish to pursue their own goals.

It’s a competition

Monster Jam’s rapid rise and success can be attributed to its family-friendly atmosphere, which attracts an eclectic audience. Monster Jam stands apart from other motorsports events as it allows fans to interact directly with trucks and drivers in an intimate setting.

Fans can participate in the competition by using smartphones connected to live feeds from stadium Jumbotrons to score drivers’ performances, giving rise to perceptions that events may be fixed despite this method not being accurate.

Monster Jam events feature one of the most exciting elements: freestyle. Drivers have two minutes to perform jumps and tricks on an open floor to score as high a score as possible on their truck – scoring highest wins! Fiberglass bodies often shed and axles break during this segment of the show; audiences love this form of controlled chaos! Brianna Mahon from Western-themed Whiplash stands as an outstanding example.

It’s a rivalry

Monster Jam stands out in motor sports by being truly distinctive. While most racing series and motocross races tend to favor men over female drivers, Monster Jam trucks can accommodate both genders as it relies more heavily on endurance than gender for its success.

After the final race, truck drivers stood side by side without much contention between them; cheers came from fans as this spectacular event ended; memories of engines and collisions would stay with fans long into the future.

Feld Entertainment, the company behind Monster Jam, took it one step further by creating bigger and better monster trucks equipped with state-of-the-art suspensions, bodies and motors to perform stunts on stage. Their tours now cover cities both domestically and internationally – giving their franchise access to audiences everywhere!

It’s a spectacle

Monster Jam is a motorsport event tour featuring monster trucks competing in racing, two-wheel skills and freestyle competitions. Produced by Feld Entertainment and sanctioned by the United States Hot Rod Association.

Each truck boasts its own name and color scheme, as well as a personal theme chosen by its driver. Some may take more seriously than others when competing on the track.

Drivers of 12,000-pound machines must possess both physical and mental endurance in order to control them successfully, performing backflips and vertical two-wheel skills while competing head-to-head for arena championship. These elite male and female athletes possess world-class athleticism.

Pit Party fan experiences give fans an up-close view of the massive trucks at each event, offering them the chance to meet their favorite drivers, ask questions and collect autographs while also seeing new trucks and learning more about this thrilling sport. Held every Saturday and Sunday before each race event, these Pit Parties give attendees an up-close experience that allows them to meet them personally, meet any unknown faces on track and learn more about our sport than ever before!