The Truth About Adele


Adele stands out among celebrity figures as one who does not rely on endorsement deals to make her money; rather, she prefers touring as her main source of revenue.

Curvier girl-next-door with a dynamic voice has won over audiences of all generations – from your grandparents who still buy vinyl records, to cool kids streaming Spotify music. Her latest album 25 is testament to this success.

1. Her name is Adele

Adele is one of the world’s best-loved singers. With her powerful, emotive vocals and catchy pop tunes, she has become an international phenomenon. Furthermore, she is celebrated for taking an approachable stance towards fame that minimizes potential complications that can arise with success.

She was born in Tottenham, London to Penny Adkins and Mark Evans; she is half-English and half-Welsh.

Adele stands out in an industry where so many celebrities rely on spectacle and glitz to grab our attention, preferring instead to focus on her music and her fans. She manages her own international brand – perhaps this explains why she doesn’t seem affected by joie de vivre as often.

2. She is a singer

Adele is an internationally-recognized English singer renowned for her emotive singing style that draws heavily upon influences such as Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald.

Beginning her career by uploading demos to MySpace, she made her first major leap with the release of her debut album ’19’ in 2008. This earned her a Grammy award as best new artist. Additionally, her hit single ‘Hometown Glory” became even more well-known when featured on popular US show Skins.

She is also an exceptional songwriter, having composed songs about love, heartbreak and loss that are both moving and melancholic. With a dedicated fan base backing her up, she gives hope to music industry players that there is still money to be made from recording business if done right.

3. She is a songwriter

Adele perfected her craft as a singer/songwriter through working with musicians and producers. At 16, for school project purposes, Adele composed her first demo called ‘Hometown Glory” – which caught the ear of music executives at XL Recordings and earned them their endorsement.

19 was an enormously popular debut album. Her lyrics combined both emotional honesty and traditional imagery that appealed to an older female listener base.

21 was another tremendously successful album for her, featuring honest vocals that connected with audiences worldwide and skillful composition, in collaboration with several writers on each album. She employs world class producers and songwriters who help bring her visions to life – an approachable CEO who takes business very seriously indeed!

4. She is a mother

Adele has left an indelible mark on modern pop music with her poignant, personal music. This powerful impact resonates through to listeners.

Her second album, 21 became an essential breakup record while 30 is an emotive journey through emotional turmoil.

Reducing her to an artist for “moms” misses the point. She’s an engaging vocal force with an eccentric sound who takes years to produce albums.

Singer Angelo Konecki and she share a son named Angelo, while since 2021 the two have been dating American sports agent Rich Paul – which likely accounts for her new songs that can bring tears. These songs also serve as testament to her resilience and determination in moving on after tragedy has struck.

5. She is a divorcee

Adele has been at the center of headlines ever since she released her debut album 19 in 2008. Each new track she releases either breaks world records or tops charts worldwide.

Adele released her fourth studio album 30 in 2021; an emotional work detailing her post-breakup struggles that became an enormous success, winning her multiple Grammy Awards along the way.

She has also had high-profile relationships. Most notably was when she dated Simon Konecki, the CEO of a charitable organization until their separation in 2019.

Adele has been open about her feelings following her break-up with Konecki and is co-parenting their son Angelo. Since meeting American sports agent Rich Paul she’s been posting photos together online as they’re often seen out and about together.