Matt Rife

Matt Rife

Matt Rife has built his career on his natural comedic talents. Hailing from Ohio, Matt has shared stages with notable performers as well as appearing as cast member on multiple MTV series.

Natural Selection, his debut Netflix comedy special, is now streaming and begins with an opening sketch featuring a waitress with an injured eye.

Born on September 10, 1995

Matt Rife is an American comedian born in Columbus, Ohio. He first began performing stand-up comedy at 15 and has toured across the country ever since. Matt has appeared on various TV shows like Wild ‘N Out and TRL. In addition, he currently appears regularly on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well as having made cameo appearances such as Black Pumpkin B-movie slasher flick.

Matt has not only become well known for his comedy career but has also garnered an enormous following on TikTok by regularly sharing clips from his performances. As such, he boasts over 15 million followers on this platform alone!

He previously dated British actress Kate Beckinsale, which he discussed during one of his comedy specials. Additionally, he dated Lucy Hale – an American actress well-known for roles such as Bionic Woman and Scream 4. Being born under Taurus gives this comedian a cautious nature that makes him an excellent listener.

Father: Michael Gutzke

Matt Rife lost his father, Michael Gutzke, when he was still very young. Rife often makes references to Michael in his stand-up acts. Furthermore, Jason Sievers serves as his stepfather.

Ohio native Rife became famous in 2022 after a clip of his crowd work went viral on TikTok and amassed more than 40 million hits, drawing the attention of Jimmy Fallon who encouraged his viewers to follow Rife on social media.

Rife’s initial fame was driven by his attractive features and appeal to women, but his first Netflix special, Natural Selection has generated controversy due to jokes pertaining to domestic violence. Rife posted an Instagram apology as soon as his Netflix special made headlines for these jokes.

Mother: April Rife

Since Matt Rife first rose to fame, nearly every article about him has opened with an analysis of his physical beauty. Rare is the profile that doesn’t emphasize that he’s “hot, sexy and handsome”.

He credits his looks with much of his success; straight women seem drawn to attend his shows just so they can interact with him. This inspired him to create the Walking Red Flag special in 2023 which features crowd work aimed at giving tongue-in-cheek relationship advice to his female fans.

Rife’s special generated controversy with its opening joke regarding domestic violence, prompting him to issue an apology on Instagram for offending anyone. Regardless, Rife’s mother has staunchly supported and defended his comedy; Rife lives with three older stepsisters and one younger half-sister whom he considers his sisters in their shared home with their shared house payment; Rife lost his father in 2021 but is currently touring his ProbleMATTic tour at Mohegan Sun, selling out five shows sold out shows during its five sold out tour dates at Mohegan Sun!

Age: 28

Matthew Steven Rife began performing comedy professionally since he was 15 years old, appearing in multiple TV shows and movies as well.

The comedian exhibits a great sense of humor and can easily connect with his audience. His stand-up shows cover a range of topics; additionally, they demonstrate deep affection for animals.

Rife has drawn widespread ire for his jokes involving domestic violence and social media usage to defend himself against critics.

Matt Rife has four older step sisters and one younger half sister; however, his biological father passed away when he was only 17 months old. Nonetheless, Matt Rife remains close to both families while also focusing on his career goals and fans/followers who support him; with so much potential and dedication he’s bound to succeed in the world of entertainment!