Who Is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins?

Adele is widely revered as one of the most prolific artists of her generation. Her debut album 19, released early 2008, offered up an eclectic blend of folk pop and British soul that proved immensely popular with listeners.

She rose to prominence through a memorable performance on Saturday Night Live television program.

Born in Tottenham

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born in Tottenham, North London, 1988 and graduated from the BRIT School in 2006. In 2007, Adele performed her debut song Daydreamer on Later With Jools Holland.

In 2008 she released her debut album 19, named after the age at which it was created. It contained hit singles like Hometown Glory and Chasing Pavements.

Her fan base in America is heavily female-skew. Recently she hosted a Titanic-themed party and has worn rose-themed attire to birthday celebrations.

Raised in West Norwood

Adele found inspiration for her 2007 hit Hometown Glory from her childhood home in West Norwood, South London where she shared it with her mother above a discount shop. The song explores Adele’s nostalgia for this house from which Hometown Glory draws its title.

Hello singer Elly May’s current residences include Kensington and Beverly Hills; her childhood home was a modest property situated above what later became a discount store and connected with other flats. When speaking with Vogue about this home she shared that it is often misinterpreted as run down due to its proximity to what would eventually become a discount store. She said “People often refer to my childhood home as being rundown because it was above what became a discount store”.

Moved to Brighton

Adele was inspired by her early experiences living and studying in London to become the talented artist she is today. She developed an affinity for Tottenham Hotspur football club, and went on to attend and graduate from BRIT School Croydon with classmates Leona Lewis and Jessie J.

In 2012, she purchased a house on Millionaire’s Row in Brighton and later sold the Western Esplanade villa at a significant profit.

This area of the city has long been associated with celebrity, as neighbors include David Walliams and DJ Norman Cook (commonly referred to as Fatboy Slim). Other famous people who have resided here include Paul McCartney and Frank Sinatra.

Became a Spice Girl superfan

Adele credits the Spice Girls (without Victoria Beckham) with being her inspiration to start singing, so when their reunion tour was announced she was overjoyed – even going so far as performing an absolutely flawless rendition of Wannabe on James Corden’s 2016 Carpool Karaoke show!

She recently purchased a PS5m Kensington pad close to where the Beckhams reside and has since been seen on dinner dates with them.

Signed to XL Recordings

Adele is the flagship star to ever sign to XL Recordings, owned by London-based independent label Beggars Group and now one of Britain’s most successful independent labels with acts such as Jack White, Radiohead and FKA Twigs among its roster.

Richard Russell of XL Records prioritizes artistic freedom over financial pragmatism when selecting artists to release on the label.

Released her debut album

Adele released her debut album 19 in 2008 – taking its title from her age when writing most of its tracks – and it debuted at number one on the British albums chart before going on to win a Mercury Prize award.

Adele released her second album 21, also in 2011, to great acclaim, touring all around the globe with it and becoming an international phenomenon with a huge devoted following.

Released her second album 21

Adele made an impactful first impression upon audiences with her 2008 debut 19; upon hearing its reception she returned with her sophomore effort 21; it featured songs about heartbreak and self-examination that resonated with listeners across America. 21 has both folk and Motown soul influences as well as Southern country elements from her tour schedule in America that she integrated into its composition.

21 has sold an astounding 31 million copies worldwide and remains immensely popular, transcending generations and musical preferences alike.

Released her third album 25

25 was an enormous hit in the US, selling 3.38 million copies during its initial week of release in November – breaking the single-week sales record established by No Strings Attached from NSYNC back in March 2000.

Adele’s decision not to release 25 on streaming services immediately upon its release back in 2015 caused some debate; yet, she still managed to generate significant earnings with it.

Released her fourth album

Adele released her fourth album 30 after six long years. Like its predecessors, 30 focuses on heartache and mental illness.

Adele kicks off her album with “My Little Love,” an upbeat, bass-forward track that shows her unapologetically showing her emotions for her 9-year-old son to see. This powerful and emotive song includes short snippets from their conversations – making it one of her most beloved tracks and one of its most popular tracks on this record.