Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an iconic natural acoustic concert venue surrounded by iconic rock formations, known for hosting performances from all genres over time.

Red Rocks has long been considered an oasis for music enthusiasts, from legendary acts like The Beatles to more contemporary artists like U2 and Mumford & Sons – no doubt making Red Rocks an irresistibly immersive musical experience for its attendees.

The History of Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre offers much more than a concert venue; it offers an immersive experience crafted out of rock formations themselves. Here you will discover natural beauty, cultural depth and, above all, music!

Fountain Formation’s gigantic sandstone outcroppings–higher than Niagara Falls and part of geological Fountain Formation–became famous as a musical destination during the early 1900s when Renaissance man John Brisben Walker created an informal stage between Ship Rock and Creation Rock for musical performances. A well-known opera singer later declared it to be “acoustically ideal”, drawing musicians flocking there ever since.

Denver purchased the area in 1936 and began construction of an outdoor amphitheater using CCC enrollees as laborers. Construction took 12 years, which officially opened to the public on September 28, 1941. Today, 738-acre Park spans National Historic Landmark status; not only for concerts or other events but also hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or taking yoga classes!

The Venue’s Natural Beauty

Red Rocks is more than a venue; it’s an experience combining natural beauty and music. Red Rocks Park features two iconic sandstone formations called Ship Rock and Creation Rock that add to its captivating atmosphere with open skies, warm red sandstone walls and breathtaking vistas stretching for miles around.

The Park is also home to an abundance of wildlife, and visitors often spot mule deer grazing the grassy areas or scampering across its rugged terrain. Hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding trails give visitors the chance to discover its distinctive geology, trees, wildflowers and fauna.

The incredible acoustics and amazing ambience at Red Rocks Amphitheatre draw performers from around the globe, such as U2, Mumford & Sons and Widespread Panic. Attending concerts here creates an unforgettable musical experience while cultivating a strong sense of community among music enthusiasts – just make sure that responsible concert etiquette is practiced to ensure it remains as clean as when you left!

The Music

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, created from geological forces, is internationally acclaimed, drawing concertgoers, outdoor exercise enthusiasts and music history buffs from all around the globe. Iconic 300-foot monoliths known as Ship Rock and Creation Rock contribute to its incredible acoustics while the Denver Mountain Park provides hiking trails, picnic areas, trading post, two music Halls of Fame as well as other amenities for visitors.

Red Rocks offers something for every musical taste and U2’s 1983 performance at Red Rocks was immortalized both on record and screen in Under a Blood Red Sky (live album and movie).

Dan Folgelberg has long captivated listeners with his soulful blend of harmonies and angelic voice since the 1970s. A Colorado native himself, Folgelberg often performed multi-night runs at this venue.

The Venue’s Accessibility

Red Rocks provides numerous features designed to ensure guests with disabilities enjoy an inclusive and satisfying experience at Red Rocks. In addition to wheelchair access, there are designated seating areas and ramps throughout the venue that visitors with limited mobility may use to sit for optimal viewing or purchase companion tickets with friends and family members.

At such an immensely popular venue, wheelchair users have claimed that tickets for accessible seating sell out within minutes of going on sale and are then resold for four or five times their original face value – an issue now being addressed through new policies implemented as a response to their lawsuit.

To avoid this issue, those needing accessible accommodations should purchase the appropriate ticket at the point of sale and inform staff they require wheelchair space. In addition, those who purchased regular tickets and later decide they require accessible seating can contact their point of purchase and request exchange for accessible seating options.