How to Become a UFC Fighter

UFC (Unified Fighting Championship) is a highly physical championship involving strikes and punches, so it may not be suitable for everyone. Becoming a great fighter requires hard work and regular training sessions in order to become one of its fighters.

Becoming an effective mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter requires more than having strong and undefeated fighting techniques; you also require explosive power that can unlock your grappling techniques.

Getting started

UFC is the premier mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion worldwide and showcases some of the greatest fighters across multiple weight classes. To be considered for UFC as an athlete, one must possess skills in multiple martial arts disciplines as well as build up an impeccable record – finding an appropriate gym and coach is essential in becoming a UFC fighter.

Alongside training hard, networking with promoters and fellow fighters is another effective way to get noticed by the UFC. Attending local fights and creating an active social media presence are also keys to becoming visible to them.

Ariel Helwani, known for hosting the popular MMA Fighting show The MMA Hour twice weekly on Spike TV and as one of the leading sources for news and analysis on all things related to mixed martial arts (MMA). Multiple times awarded MMA Journalist of the Year awards have validated him as a key source.


Before an UFC fighter can make it to the top, he or she must possess excellent fighting skills and an effective physical game. They must also possess enough mental toughness to withstand defeat without losing composure; training hard should include exercises targeting both upper and lower bodies, such as pairing pull-ups with hamstring curls or tricep extensions to increase strength and power.

An effective fighter should practice drills and sparring techniques to develop his striking and kicking techniques, as well as incorporate plyometrics training to develop explosiveness for untethering grappling skills and knocking out opponents. Furthermore, local league fights provide ample exposure and experience which increases their chances of signing with UFC.

Preparing for your first fight

Once your coach is ready to sign you up for your first fight, take some time before signing on without giving much thought to what might lie ahead. New fighters should generally wait 4-12 months before making a commitment for their first bout.

As part of your preparation, it’s essential that you adopt a positive outlook in the weeks, days and hours leading up to a fight. While fighting may be stressful at times, being confident in your training and preparation should allow for success.

Once you have developed an effective fighting style, it is time to put it to use and compete in competitions. Doing so will gain exposure and garner the interest of UFC scouts; amateur MMA circuits or networking are great places to do this.

Negotiating a contract

Fighters negotiate various contract terms beyond basic pay. These may include weight classes they are contracted in for, win bonuses and a share of PPV revenues. Attractive fighters or those fighting high-profile matches can often negotiate an increased bonus share.

Fighters can also negotiate the length of their contracts. Blair’s analysis showed that many UFC fighters experience contract renegotiations every year. This may be because they renew early, have remaining fights on current contracts or are set for their final bout under an old one.

Ngannou acknowledged that his contract negotiations became bogged down when he requested several specific stipulations that were the source of friction. Unlike in other sports, MMA fighters don’t enjoy protection through a professional association like other athletes do.


UFC fights are full-contact fights between top international fighters in an enclosed octagon. Fights typically last five rounds and can end in either an impressive technical knockout or lethal submission finish, drawing many celebrities as well as criticism from politicians due to its extreme brutality and ruthlessness. The sport has grown increasingly popular and attracted numerous celebrities while garnering criticism from politicians due to the brutality and violence displayed.

An individual wishing to enter UFC competition must possess skills from various martial arts backgrounds in order to compete successfully; due to its range of competition styles and divisions, being adept in several styles is vital in becoming an excellent fighter in this sport.

The Road to UFC series consists of multiple seasons each year, featuring numerous episodes featuring fighters competing for UFC contracts in a win-and-advance format.