Adele – The 21st Century’s Most Broadly Popular Artist

Adele stands out on the vast O2 stage as an anomaly; she is unquestionably one of the 21st century’s most widely beloved artists and she meticulously maintains her public persona.

Adele remains popular with fans across age groups and cultures; physical album sales may have decreased but Adele still draws great support for her music.

Her rise to fame

Adele stood alone on a stage at O2 arena, lit only by one single spotlight. Her performance was as intimate as her song itself – an act of self-reflection and rejection, drawing audience members in. They were transfixed.

Her distinctive soulful voice and songs combine traditional pop and modern R&B, instantly connecting with anyone who has experienced love or heartbreak. Her ardent fans include both men and women between 25-44 years of age – she is loved by both!

She has demonstrated that recorded music can still generate money – her sales remain consistent even as consumers increasingly prefer streaming services over CDs. Her success also inspires other talented performers to keep releasing their work and promote their brand, even while consumers move toward streaming services over CDs. She boasts an enormous fan base and numerous awards.

Her debut album

Adele’s debut album 19, was both critically and commercially successful, topping charts in several countries and helping revive the music industry. Adele is an extraordinary vocalist able to effortlessly shift between deep bass notes and long held soprano notes in her soprano register; using her powerful instrument of song to tell tales of lost love and heartache.

Nick Huggett of XL Records first heard Adele perform on Jack Penate’s song “My Yvonne”, and recommended her to Jonathan Dickins of September Management who then signed and managed Adele until she left September Management to form her own management company, 25 Management.

Her second album was 21 and explored the ups and downs of relationships. Featuring several ballads, it became an international success, propelled her into pop music superstardom, and made her one of its top selling artists of all time. Additionally, this work earned her many accolades including being nominated for two Grammy awards including Best New Artist and Song of the Year.

Her second album

Adele has returned with an album full of emotion and deeply personal reflection, writing about heartbreak, forgiveness and depression – writing with her raspy voice in mind – making this work her most mature work to date. The Motown, Folk and Soul elements add depth and variety.

Adele has garnered immense industry support because of her ability to give record label executives hope that there is still money in recorded music despite its decline. Adele is showing through this album her resilience as an artist willing to tackle more ambitious projects.

She has built up an ardent following. Her album 25 is the fastest-selling album in iTunes history and she boasts an avid following – with most American female fans being between 25-44 years old.

Her third album

Adele recently made an anticipated comeback to the spotlight with the release of her third album 25. Her first single ‘Hello’ quickly reached number one on the charts and provided new fans with something to latch onto in Adele. 25 features female-centric themes as well as reflective looks at love and heartbreak that explore female experiences of both.

Musically, Adele has gradually transitioned from retro soul that earned her early Amy Winehouse comparisons to more modern styles that recall classic pop eras of the Eighties; nevertheless, her sound remains rooted in that genre with cavernous drums and dramatic piano melody that draw you in on tracks such as I Miss You and River Lea. While other contemporary pop stars often suffer from formulaic lyrics, Adele stands apart due to her ability to convey love’s intricacies through song. Working alongside some of pop’s finest songwriter-producers – Paul Epworth and Greg Kurstin are just two such producers whose names you might encounter on Adele songs!