A Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Experienced music fans should make time to attend a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre; its stunning natural surroundings and incredible acoustics offer unforgettable entertainment.

Red Rocks has seen its fair share of unforgettable performances over the years, from legendary rockers such as Jimi Hendrix to contemporary icons like U2. This legendary venue has hosted it all and will always remain one of Red Rocks’ premier stages.

It’s a natural wonder

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an astounding natural wonder, both for its remarkable acoustics and geological history. Over 40-70 million years ago during Laramide orogeny 40-70 million years ago, rocks comprising Red Rocks shifted into place to form its unique form; two large rock formations known as Ship Rock and Creation Rock provide two sides of its stage with musical mecca sounds from across space – these have helped make Red Rocks one of the premier musical destinations on earth!

John Brisben Walker established its illustrious status during the early 1900s when he began inviting musicians to perform on a temporary platform constructed between two iconic rock formations. Later that same year, Denver purchased the area and with help from Civilian Conservation Corps built a permanent outdoor concert venue.

Since that time, this venue has hosted some of the greatest artists such as Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and even the Beatles (one of their few performances without oxygen canisters due to high altitude). Today the amphitheater hosts more than just concerts; Yoga on the Rocks classes are offered every Saturday night, weekly movie night screenings occur regularly as well as an Easter sunrise service service each year – making this venue truly one-stop shopping.

It’s a music legend

Musicians of all stripes have long left their mark at Red Rocks. Since its first musical performances here in the early 1900s when Cosmopolitan Magazine owner John Brisben Walker organized temporary staged shows there, musicians have left an indelible imprint at this venue.

Red Rocks was not transformed into an international concert venue until 1936, when a Civilian Conservation Corps crew constructed a permanent stage and seating. Since then, Red Rocks has hosted an incredible lineup of performers.

U2’s 1983 show “Under a Blood Red Sky” remains legendary today, while Jimi Hendrix also made history at this venue during his meteoric rise to fame.

More recently, John Fogerty proved his talent with a 2019 performance at this venue and, of course, The Dave Matthews Band has made it part of their touring schedule for decades.

It’s a must-see

Red Rocks Amphitheatre’s natural acoustics make it a must-see destination for music fans, while well-known musicians have used its sandstone walls and natural acoustics as an opportunity to film videos, record albums or debut new songs – an experience well worth paying for! Although tickets cost money, seeing a show here will certainly provide memorable entertainment.

Visits to the park and amphitheater are essential for anyone with an appreciation of nature or history, not only due to the world-class acoustics but also for visiting its Visitors Center which boasts an exhibit covering everything from its geological formation and musical legacy to Southwest Heart of the Rock Theatre room featuring memorabilia from famous performers.

If concerts aren’t your thing, why not explore Trading Post Trail or Yoga on the Rocks for an exceptional outdoor experience? Red Rocks provides the perfect setting to watch sunset – though remember it may take up to an hour for traffic to dissipate after shows!

It’s a party

While watching the show, enjoy food from one of the many vendors inside the venue. From gourmet hot dogs and barbecue fare to popular fair foods such as funnel cakes and corn dogs – there is an array of culinary offerings from which you can select. Bring in your own food as long as it fits within a clear bag no larger than 18″x40″.

Apart from concerts, the park also serves as an environment for yoga sessions, the Easter Sunrise Service and Film on the Rocks events. Since 1964 when its grand opening, its unique acoustics have attracted musicians of all kinds; among these famous acts are The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Widespread Panic who have all graced its stage there.

Venue policies stipulate that patrons leave the parking lot within 30 minutes after the show has ended (or when house lights come on), taking advantage of Bounce’s shuttle to RR will ensure your ride will be waiting when you are finished!