Monster Jam – World-Famous Trucks Meet For An Action-Packed Event

Monster Jam brings world-famous trucks into stadiums for an action-packed show, racing them and performing freestyle stunts. Each 12,000-pound vehicle races and performs freestyle maneuvers.

Monster Jam stands apart from both professional motocross and auto racing by featuring female drivers like Brianna Mahon (Whiplash). Brianna came to Monster Jam after briefly racing cars professionally and completed her training before transitioning into Monster Jam as Whiplash driver.

Finding dirt for events is often more complex than you imagine, with managing its mixture being key in providing trucks with maximum traction.


Racing involves two trucks beginning their race at the top of a large ramp and driving them toward each other, maneuvering around an obstacle in the center before reaching an inflatable tabletop jump. The first truck to finish and advance to event championship wins their race and advances further.

Monster Jam fans also find great enjoyment from watching drivers use the entire event floor for up to two minutes in freestyle, performing an action-packed combination of jumps and tricks in an attempt to score points in freestyle competition. Although at times chaos ensues – fiberglass bodies fall off, axles break, even fire breaks out – this unique element of motorsport sets it apart from others forms of racing.

An army is needed to put on a Monster Jam show. Feld Motorsports owns and operates 40 of the top monster trucks; each comes equipped with its own team that includes both driver and crew chief throughout the season.

Obstacle Course

Monster Jam gives children the thrill of riding trucks during its two intermissions and experiencing powering over obstacles at full throttle in their own vehicles. At its Pit Party, kids can meet drivers and obtain autographs or photos. A truck-themed obstacle course offers tunnels, barriers and other challenges designed to put kids’ agility and speed to the test.

Drivers train hard to become part of the Monster Jam team. Working closely with trainers and specialists, drivers work on perfecting their driving abilities by working through everything from eyeballing the track and creating plans to performing tricks such as the cyclone or endo (in which their truck rolls over itself like a pogo stick).

Due to Monster Jam being held indoors at sports stadiums, its trucks generate a lot of dirt and dust that needs wiping off quickly after each truck passes by, or consider wearing something you can easily clean after being covered in dirt or bring extra clothes with you for changing purposes. Also keep an earplugs handy just in case these loud trucks prove too loud for the kids or yourself!

Two-Wheel Skills Challenge

Monster Jam drivers are world-class male and female athletes trained in athleticism who possess not only physical strength and stamina to drive 12,000-pound machines but also the dexterity to maneuver jaw-dropping backflips and vertical two-wheel skills with precision and finesse. Furthermore, these drivers must possess mental fortitude to push beyond the capabilities of their trucks while providing their fans with non-stop action!

The two-wheel skills challenge (known in stadiums since late 2019 as the Great Clips Skills Challenge) is an after-racing and before freestyle feature that often features trucks doing anything they can on two wheels – from stoppies, moonwalks and poppers to bicycles or bicycle donuts! Sometimes even trucks will even participate in this unique show of skill!

The Great Clips Two-Wheel Skills Challenge debuted at a World Finals event in Nashville in 2007. Tyler Menninga in Grave Digger Purple won on his birthday; Scott Liddycoat in Dragon went on to win Young Guns Shootout later in the day. Additionally, this event marked the debut of Soldier Fortune Ice & Son-uva Digger at this same World Finals.


Monster Jam drivers are masterful male and female athletes with the physical strength and mental stamina necessary to drive 12,000-pound trucks at top speeds in breathtaking live events such as Freestyle, Two-Wheel Skills and Racing competitions.

Freestyle gives drivers approximately two minutes (one and a half at arena shows) to use their creativity and driving abilities to crush cars, climb over junked vehicles and flip ramps – earning the most cheers from attendees as the winner of freestyle.

Before each show, these massive trucks are carefully maintained. Fans can witness this in the cold pit where a massive parts tent contains wheels and tires along with motors and frames; estimated to contain one million dollars’ worth of custom-made replacement parts such as Zombie’s arms, Megalodon’s fins and Maximum Destruction’s spikes; additionally these massive machines are cleaned and refueled prior to every competition.